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• A cloud-based, highly personalized, learning environment

• Combines student learning tools—readings, multimedia, activities, and assessments—into a single Learning Path

• 100% of students say MindTap™ is intuitive and easy to navigate

• Teachers easily customize learning tools for their students, seamlessly introducing their own content

• MindTap™ for Health Care offers simulated on-the-job experiences through assignments like Learning Labs,

Medical Coding Trainer, and the MindTap™ Pronunciation Tool, as well as certification prep through the IQ App

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MindTap™ Learning Labs

Learning Labs are skills-based learning modules located inside

most of our Health Science MindTap™s and allow students

to practice the most difficult concepts associated with their

Cengage textbooks in a simulated, real-world environment.

Developed to improve program quality and retention, Learning

Labs prepare students for their health careers by increasing

comprehension, critical thinking, and soft skills. Each module


• A pretest and a final post test

• A Mentor, who is a workplace colleague, provides feedback and advice

• Immersive learning activities that engage students in practicing

on-the-job skills with integrated video of real doctor offices, clinics, and

medical offices, medical assistants, nurses, and doctors.

(Total time on task is typically 30-45 minutes per module)

MindTap™ Medical Coding Trainer

Medical Coding Trainer is an application in Cengage’s Medical

Coding MindTap™s that provides coding practice with real-

world patient records. Medical Coding Trainer measures coding

accuracy and speed so that students can become successful

coders and includes:

• More than 250 real, scrubbed patient records

• Coding practice assigning diagnosis and procedure codes with

cases in Basic, Intermediate, or Advanced levels of difficulty

• Performance tracking over time with an accuracy rating based

on performance

MindTap™ Med Term Pronounce

The MindTap™ Pronounce allows students to record and receive

instant feedback on their ability to pronounce key medical terms.

• Provides audio recordings with proper pronunciations of each

term with phonetic “see & say” pronunciation

• Gives instant feedback in the form of a confidence threshold

that analyzes how well terms were pronounced

• Allows users to record their own pronunciations and instructors

to listen later

• Can be used on a computer, iPad


, or smartphone

MindTap™ IQ App

The MindTap™ IQ App is used for course areas where students commonly take

certification exams. IQ allows instructors to create custom certification practice

exams based on specific competencies so students will feel confident that they

will pass the exam and be one step closer to a future career.

MindTap™ MOSS 3.0

MOSS 3.0 MindTap™ is designed to give students the skills they

need to work with Practice Management (PM) and Electronic

Medical Record (EMR) software in today’s busy medical offices.

• This robust MindTap™ includes readings, quizzes, and over 100

step-by-step simulations addressing administrative, clinical, and billing functions.

• The simulations mimic a real-world experience through the use of realistic PM/EMR software, transcripts

and audio recordings of patient phone calls and interviews, and other real-world documents such as

Registration Forms, Online Eligibility Reports, Remittance Advice, and more.

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Certification Prep

Health Science

Grades 9–12