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Building Code simulations

Robotics simulation


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MindTap™ Trades Simulations

Found in MindTap™s for Electricity, Construction

Codes, HVAC, Welding, Automotive, Diesel,

and Robotics, these simulations are virtual

representations of equipment and the homes

professionals will be entering to complete their

jobs. Students must diagnose faults and fix them

according to a flow chart, and must apply critical

thinking skills to complete successfully.


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Digital Learning Solutions

Technical Trades

Grades 9–12

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Virtually develop technical trade skills with online training

simulations. Visit the MindTap™ Simulation Station to gain

free trial access to all of our simulations.

Automotive Theory Simulations and S/P2 Safety

and Soft Skills Module Integration

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Learn more about simulations

that are embedded in MindTap™