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Fundamentals of World Regional Geography


Grades 10–12 

Fourth Edition ©2017 9781305578265

Introduces students to historical, cultural, economic, political,

and physical aspects that unite regions and make them unique

and newsworthy

“Geography Of” boxes that feature focal points of geography,

delve into regional cultural specifics, and bring consistent

attention to issues of ethnicity, language, and religion

“Regional Perspectives” that illustrate the relevance of

geographic issues that influence all or part of a region

“Thematic Maps” centered on topics like language, religion,

and ethnicity, allowing students to quickly draw cultural and

regional comparisons

“Problem Landscape” boxes that incorporate case studies to

help students understand how geographic issues underlie

many of the world’s most contentious problems

Paperback, 496 pages

Fundamentals of World Regional Geography 

Fourth Edition ©2017

Student Edition + MindTap™ (6-year access) 



Student Edition + MindTap™ (1-year access) 



MindTap™ (6-year access) 



MindTap™ (1-year access) 



National Geographic World History

Grades 10 

©2021 9781337786829

Each unit opens with a Global Perspective framed as a Unit

Inquiry Project

Includes National Geographic Explorers and photographers

Amazing National Geographic Special Lessons

Filled with Document-Based Questions with Primary and

Secondary Sources


State of the World

—a global snapshot of world regions

at a point in time

Sample Unit Inquiry Project

National Geographic World History

The Human Record: Sources of Global History

Andrea, Overfield

Grades 10–12 

Eighth Edition ©2016

Offers a blend of visual and textual sources, often paired or

grouped together for comparison

Features a “Primary Sources and How to Read Them” prologue

in each volume to support student understanding of historical


Offers nearly one-third new sources for the Eighth Edition

Volume 1: To 1500, Paperback, 528 pages

Volume 2: Since 1500, Paperback, 560 pages

The Human Record: Sources of Global History 

Eighth Edition ©2016

Student Edition, Volume 1: To 1500  



Student Edition, Volume 2: Since 1500  



Includes Cengage Learning Testing, powered by Cognero


World Civilizations

Adler, Pouwels

Grades 10–12 

Eighth Edition ©2018 9780357382226

Offers an accessible, comprehensive global survey of the

world’s major civilizations, a great balance between detail and


A unique student-oriented text contains 53 short chapters

accompanied by strong pedagogy and critical thinking tools,

giving instructors the flexibility to assign a wide range of major

topics in world history in a variety of different ways, while

making learning more manageable for students

The focused treatment of topics throughout history covers

every major epoch and follows broad patterns and processes,

while illuminating history through specific examples and a

particular emphasis on social and cultural topics

Hardcover, 816 pages

This personal learning environment combines the

eBook and resources into a singular Learning Path

World Civilizations 

Eighth Edition ©2018

Student Edition + MindTap™ (6-year access) 



Student Edition + MindTap™ (1-year access) 



MindTap™ (6-year access) 



MindTap™ (1-year access) 



Includes Cengage Learning Testing, powered by Cognero



January 2020

World History

Social Studies

Grades 9–12



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