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Students are introduced to one National Geographic

Explorer per chapter. Each chapter opens with

Explorando con…

connecting students to a new

generation of National Geographic explorers and

interesting topics.


A analizar

section features a discovery approach to

grammar with contextualized conversations, dramatized

on video. With a discovery approach, students are able

to discover and remember the grammatical rules as

they move forward. Activities progress from recognition

and transitional to open-ended practice.

Over 100 grammar tutorial videos for reinforcement

and mastery.

Exploraciones léxicas

introduces vocabulary in context

and reinforces it through meaningful activities. Students

have instant access to flashcards, audio, video, and

activities, directly on the page that they are studying so

that they are able to incorporate the language and make

it their own.


ends each chapter with a

Video-viaje a...

, using

the dazzling footage and photography for which National

Geographic is known. With coverage that spans Latin

America, the United States, and Spain,

Video-viaje a...


student engagement with high-quality visuals, guided

instruction, interpretive, and presentational modes of


Each chapter opens with a Learning Strategy for studying and learning Spanish.


1–4, 1A and 1B feature a Student Edition, a Student Activity Manual/Workbook, a Teacher’s

Annotated Edition for each level, and a fully integrated digital solution, MindTap™. MindTap™’s interactive

format gives today’s students an innovative way to experience the Spanish language.

¡Exploremos! Student Edition:

An engaging and accessible solution for your Spanish class

• Connect Spanish across the curriculum with authentic content and resources

• National Geographic explorers, high frequency language

• Discover visuals, videos, and content from National Geographic

• Conexiones culturales

provides daily life experiences and connections relevant to students' lives

• Build proficiency in all language skills through contextualized and communicative activities

• Interpretive, Interpersonal, and Presentational modes of communication

Discovery Grammar Approach

Thematic Vocabulary



World Languages

Grades 9–12