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Easily Collaborate

Drive student engagement with

simple, lightweight tools that

encourage students to engage with

you—and each other.

Guided Learning

Build student confidence with a five-step

guided learning path: Ready? Learn It?

Practice It! Use It! Got It?

Your Course, Your Way

Ensure each lesson—and student—

stays focused with existing or

customized content, designed to

present material in manageable

portions to language learners.

Online Learning—Solved

MindTap™World Languages

enables you to create engaging,

interactive hybrid or fully online courses—with the convenience

and flexibility to customize as you choose.


for World Languages

Build Confidence with MindTap™

MindTap™World Languages

encourages active,

self-motivated language learning, empowering

students to move more confidently from the

basics of language acquisition into meaningful


World Languages

Grades 9–12