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Kaleidoskop: Kultur, Literatur und Grammatik

Moeller, Adolph, Berger

Levels 4–5 

Ninth Edition ©2017 9781305869264

Promotes communication and focuses on the literature and

culture of the German-speaking world

Ninth edition features a fully integrated short film (Kurzfilm) in

every other chapter

Includes exercises for listening, speaking, and writing revolving

around the wide range of authentic reading selections

Self-contained grammar section (Grammatik) allows instructors

to work with the grammar topics in whatever order they


Hardbound, 464 pages


An engaging student resource with multimedia

resources, grammar tutorials, and more

Students have access anytime on almost any device

with this downloadable eBook

Kaleidoskop: Kultur Literatur und Grammatik 

Ninth Edition ©2017

Student Edition + SAM™ (workbook) + PremiumWebsite

(1-year access)



SAM™ (workbook) + PremiumWebsite (1-year access)

+ VitalSource


eBook (1-year access)



New Edition

January 2020

Stationen: Ein Kursbuch für die Mittelstufe

Augustyn, Euba

Level 2 

Fourth Edition ©2020 9780357029947

An intermediate German program that combines engaging

cultural topics with authentic readings and contextualized

grammar in a unifying context

Each chapter of


revolves around a city or region in

the German-speaking world. This overarching concept invites

students and teachers to make connections and comparisons

between chapters, topics, and cultural issues


also refers to the “stations”between the first

beginnings of a journey into German life and language and to

more advanced study and exploration on the intermediate level

Video contains footage of videoblogs from eleven cities in

Germany, Austria, and Switzerland that complements the

content and serves as windows to contemporary German


Snapshots of everyday life connect interview clips with images

of public spaces to move students beyond the realm of

ordinary language instruction and into the scenarios and

situations that reflect a developing German speaker’s

real-world needs

Hardcover, 480 pages

This personal learning environment combines the

eBook and resources into a singular Learning Path

Stationen: Ein Kursbuch für die Mittelstufe 

Fourth Edition ©2020

Student Edition + MindTap™ (6-year access) 



Student Edition + MindTap™ (1-year access) 



MindTap™ (6-year access) 



Annotated Teacher Guide 



Vorsprung: A Communicative Introduction to

German Language and Culture

Lovik, Guy, Chavez

Level 1 

Fourth Edition ©2020 9780357036983

An innovative and lively first-year program using a five-skills

approach that emphasizes the acquisition of communicative

and cultural competence without sacrificing attention to

formal accuracy

Utilizing “focus on form” activities in an engaging, personalized

fashion, students develop realistic abilities in speaking,

listening, reading, and writing German

Presenting a systematic, clear introduction to the essentials of

German grammar and practices high-frequency structures and

vocabulary in interactive activities

Provides students with the cultural knowledge that is relevant

to their own lives and then asks them to compare their

cultures to the habits and behaviors of the German-speaking

people of Europe—thus activating cultural awareness in the


Exposing readers to a wealth of spoken and written authentic

textual materials, while an array of in-class activities promotes

accuracy and provides ample opportunities for students to

practice German in current contexts

Hardcover, 592 pages

This personal learning environment combines the

eBook and resources into a singular Learning Path

Vorsprung: A Communicative Introduction to German Language

and Culture 

Fourth Edition ©2020

Student Edition + MindTap™ (6-year access) 



Student Edition + MindTap™ (1-year access) 



MindTap™ (6-year access) 



Annotated Teacher Guide 




World Languages

Grades 9–12