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Algebra and Trigonometry


Grades 10–12 

Tenth Edition ©2018 9781337271110

Known for delivering sound, consistently structured

explanations, and carefully written exercises of mathematical


Stepped-out solution videos with instruction are available for

free at for selected exercises throughout the text

Continues to revolutionize the way students learn material by

incorporating more real-world applications, ongoing review,

and innovative technology

“How Do You See It?” exercises that give students practice

applying the concepts

New “Summarize” features, “Checkpoint” problems, and “Digital

Resources” that reinforce understanding of the skill sets to help

students better prepare for tests

“Enriched Remarks” that reinforce or expand upon concepts by

helping students learn how to study mathematics, avoid

common errors, address special cases, and show alternative or

additional steps to a solution of an example

Hardcover, 976 pages

Inspire mastery with this powerful math-centered

homework solution with eBook

Students have access anytime on almost any device

with this downloadable eBook

Table of Contents

P. Prerequisites

1. Equations, Inequalities, and Mathematical


2. Functions and their Graphs

3. Polynomial Functions

4. Rational Functions and Conics

5. Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

6. Trigonometry

7. AnalyticTrigonometry

8. AdditionalTopics inTrigonometry

9. Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

10. Matrices and Determinants

11. Sequences, Series, and Probability

A. Errors and the Algebra of Calculus

B. Concepts in Statistics (online)

Algebra and Trigonometry 

Tenth Edition ©2018

Student Edition +WebAssign


(6-year access) 



Student Edition +WebAssign


(1-year access) 





+ VitalSource


(6-year access) 





+ VitalSource


(1-year access)  



Student Study and Solutions Manual  



Student Notetaking Guide 



Annotated Teacher's Edition 



Algebra and Trigonometry:

Real Mathematics, Real People


Grades 10–12 

Seventh Edition ©2016 9781305071735

Focuses on showing students the “real-people” relevance of

mathematics to their lives and future careers

Provides a quality and quantity of exercises, combined with

interesting applications and innovative resources, that make

teaching easier and help students succeed

Achieves accessibility through careful writing and design,

including examples with detailed solutions that begin and end

on the same page for optimum readability, plus side-by-side

solutions that show algebraic, graphical, and numerical

representations of the mathematics

Hardcover, 1,056 pages

Inspire mastery with this powerful math-centered

homework solution with eBook

Table of Contents

P. Prerequisites

1. Functions andTheir Graphs

2. Solving Equations and Inequalities

3. Polynomial and Rational Functions

4. Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

5. Trigonometric Functions

6. AnalyticTrigonometry

7. AdditionalTopics inTrigonometry

8. Linear Systems and Matrices

9. Sequences, Series, and Probability

10. Topics in Analytic Geometry

Algebra and Trigonometry: Real Mathematics Real People 

Seventh Edition ©2016

Student Edition 



Student Solutions Manual 



Instructor’s Annotated Edition 



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Access worked-out solutions, instructional

videos, interactive activities, and

more on this free companion site.

Algebra and Trigonometry


Grades 9–12



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