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Applied Mathematics For the Managerial,

Life, and Social Sciences


Seventh Edition ©2017

Focuses on teaching by application and uses real-world

examples to motivate students

Combines solid theory with innovative technology, includes a

robust supplement package, and offers unmatched flexibility

that caters to both traditional and modern practitioners

Text utilizes an intuitive approach, marrying real-life instances

to what would otherwise be abstract concepts

Hardcover, 960 pages

Inspire mastery with this powerful math-centered

homework solution with eBook

Table of Contents

1. Fundamentals of Algebra

2. Functions andTheir Graphs

3. Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

4. Mathematics of Finance

5. Systems of Linear Equations and Matrices

6. Linear Programming

7. Sets and Probability

8. AdditionalTopics in Probability

9. The Derivative

10. Applications of the Derivative

11. Integration

12. Calculus of SeveralVariables

AppliedMathematics For the Managerial Life and Social Sciences 

Seventh Edition ©2017

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Fundamentals of Algebraic Modeling

Timmons, Johnson, McCook

Grades 9–12 

Sixth Edition ©2014

Strives to show students the connections between

mathematics and their daily lives

Presents algebraic modeling concepts and solutions in

non-threatening, easy-to-understand language, with

numerous step-by-step examples to illustrate ideas

Enables students to discover practical applications of

mathematical modeling that will continue being useful long

after they finish this course, regardless of their future area of


Hardcover, 464 pages

Table of Contents

A Review of Algebra Fundamentals

1. Mathematical Model Fundamentals

2. Geometric Models

3. Graphing

4. Functions

5. Mathematical Models in Consumer Math

6. Modeling with Systems of Equations

7. Probability Models

8. Modeling with Statistics

Fundamentals of Algebraic Modeling 

Sixth Edition ©2014

Student Edition  



Student Solutions Manual  



PowerLecture CD-ROM with ExamView


Test Generator  



Mathematical Excursions

Aufmann, Lockwood, Nation, Clegg

Grades 11–12 

Fourth Edition ©2018 9781305965584

Teaches students that mathematics is a system of knowing and

understanding our surroundings

Teaches students the facets of mathematics that will

strengthen their quantitative understanding and expand the

way they know, perceive, and comprehend their world

Provides learning examples such as how sending information

across the Internet is better understood when one

understands prime numbers, how the perils of radioactive

waste take on new meaning when one understands

exponential functions, and how the efficiency of the flow of

traffic through an intersection is more interesting after seeing

the system of traffic lights represented in a mathematical form

Hardcover, 1,008 pages

Inspire mastery with this powerful math-centered

homework solution with eBook

Table of Contents

1. Problem-Solving

2. Sets

3. Logic

4. Apportionment andVoting

5. The Mathematics of Graphs

6. Numeration Systems and NumberTheory

7. Geometry

8. Mathematical Systems

9. Applications of Equations

10. Applications of Functions

11. The Mathematics of Finance

12. Combinatorics and Probability

13. Statistics

Mathematical Excursions 

Fourth Edition ©2018

Student Edition +WebAssign


(6-year access)



Student Edition +WebAssign


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+ VitalSource


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+ VitalSource


(1-year access) 



Student Solutions Manual  



Annotated Teacher's Edition  



Basic College Mathematics An Applied Approach

Aufmann, Lockwood

Grades 11–12 

Tenth Edition ©2014

Uses an objective-based approach that provides an integrated

learning environment

The Example/You Try It matched pairs are designed to actively

involve students in learning the techniques presented. The You

Try Its are paired to easily refer students to the steps in the

Examples as they work through the You Try Its

How To examples provide solutions with detailed explanations

for selected topics in each section

The problem-solving approach in the text emphasizes the

importance of problem-solving strategies

Hardcover, 720 pages

Inspire mastery with this powerful math-centered

homework solution with eBook

Table of Contents

1. Whole Numbers

2. Fractions

3. Decimals

4. Ratio and Proportion

5. Percents

6. Applications for Business and Consumers

7. Statistics and Probability

8. U.S. Customary Units of Measurement

9. The Metric System of Measurement

10. Rational Numbers

11. Introduction to Algebra

12. Geometry

Basic College Mathematics An Applied Approach 

Tenth Edition ©2013

Student Edition  



Student Solutions Manual  



Complete Solutions Manual 



PowerLecture DVD-ROM 



Math Topics


Grades 9–12



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