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combines exceptional physics content

with the most powerful online homework solution.



engages students with immediate

feedback, rich tutorial content, and an interactive,

customizable eBook. Teachers have real-time

assessment of student performance.

• Developed by teaching chemists, OWL is the world's

most widely used online chemistry solution

• OWL changes repeated problems—the chemicals,

numbers and wording of questions—to ensure

concept mastery and improve problem-solving skills

• Tutorials, interactive simulations, visualization

exercises, an interactive eBook, and more address

different learning styles

• OWL saves teachers time and helps them manage

their class by capturing student grades and progress

• A cloud-based, highly personalized, learning


• Combines student learning tools—readings,

multimedia, activities, and assessments—into a

single Learning Path

• 100% of students say MindTap™ is intuitive and easy

to navigate

• Teachers easily customize learning tools for their

students, seamlessly introducing their own content

Engage, Prepare, Succeed


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• Students get test prep on-the-go for AP


exams with the

Fast Track to a 5 mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

• Free diagnostic exams for ten AP


topics help students

study for exams, with additional test prep content

available for download.

Fast Track to a 5: Preparing

for the AP



Digital Learning Solutions


Grades 9–12



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