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McGuire, Beerman

Grades 9–12 

Second Edition ©2017 9781337097475

Offers a concise and visually appealing solution to

accommodate the diverse learning styles of today’s students

Modes-based content that is presented in an engaging and

accessible way—without minimizing coverage—with short,

comprehensive chapters

Focuses on helping students understand the true impact of

nutrition on a personal and global scale

Paperback, 400 pages


Second Edition ©2017

Student Edition 



Understanding Nutrition

Whitney, Rolfes

Grades 9–12 

Fifteenth Edition ©2019 9781337392693

Includes an integrated pedagogy, an emphasis on active

learning, assignable content, and integrated resources that

support teachers and students

Connects with its readers and continues to set the standard,

from its carefully developed art program to its strong science

base, contemporary coverage, and market-leading


Includes 20 chapters beginning with core nutrition topics, such

as Diet Planning, Macronutrients, and Vitamins and

Minerals—then following with chapters on Diet and Health,

Fitness, Life-Span Nutrition, Food Safety, and World Hunger

Hardcover, 928 pages

Understanding Nutrition 

Fifteenth Edition ©2019

Student Edition 



Includes Cengage Learning Testing, powered by Cognero


An Invitation to Health: Your Life, Your Future


Grades 9–12 

Eighteenth Edition ©2019 9781337392891

Invites your students to build their future of healthy living by

applying the concepts to evaluate their current lifestyle and

make healthy changes

Delivers the most current and thorough coverage available by

integrating a comprehensive presentation of health

concepts—body, mind, and spirit—with a wealth of

applications for students’ lives, including “Your Strategies for

Change,”“Your Strategies for Prevention,” and “Making Change


“Health on a Budget” feature recognizes the impact of the

current economic environment, demonstrating practical ways

students can achieve their goals by drawing on internal


Paperback, 704 pages

An Invitation to Health: Your Life, Your Future 

Eighteenth Edition ©2019

Student Edition 



Includes Cengage Learning Testing, powered by Cognero





Grades 9–12



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