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Meteorology Today

Ahrens, Henson

Grades 11–12 

Twelfth Edition ©2019 9781337616669

Grounded in the scientific method, this engaging and highly

visual text shows students how to observe, calculate, and

synthesize information, systematically analyzing

meteorological concepts and issues

Dynamic learning tools packed with self-testing features such

as end-of-chapter summaries, key terms, review questions,

exercises and problems, live animations, and web links

“Focus On” boxes examine concepts at greater depth to add

realistic context and meaning to meteorological observation

methods, environmental issues, and a variety of more

advanced topics

Online resources allow students to explore actual weather

data, such as world temperature and precipitation extremes

over a 30 year period, and apply them to assignments and

projects to develop reasoning and quantitative skills

Hardcover, 656 pages

This personal learning environment combines the

eBook and resources into a singular Learning Path

Meteorology Today 

Twelfth Edition ©2019

Student Edition + MindTap™ (6-year access)  



Student Edition + MindTap™ (1-year access)  



MindTap™ (6-year access)  



MindTap™ (1-year access)  



Includes Cengage Learning Testing, powered by Cognero




Grades 9–12



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