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Wicander, Monroe

Grades 9–12 

Second Edition ©2013 9781133108696

Offers a concise and visually appealing solution to

accommodate the diverse learning styles of today’s students

Modes-based content that is presented in an engaging and

accessible way—without minimizing coverage—with short

yet comprehensive chapters

Focuses on the core concepts of physical geology, including

strong coverage of systems and plate tectonics, and devotes

three chapters to historical geology, thereby giving students a

complete overview of all facets of introductory geology

Paperback, 448 pages


Second Edition ©2013

Student Edition 



Geology and the Environment

Pipkin, Trent, Hazlett, Bierman

Grades 9–12 

Seventh Edition ©2014 9781133603986

Explores the relationship between humans and the geologic

hazards, processes, and resources that surround us

Photo and art program has been extensively updated with

more than 200 new and impactful photos and maps, available

exclusively from the National Geographic Society, that help

students develop an appreciation for the immense power and

beauty of geologic phenomena

Text fully integrates coverage of how climate change and

global warming impact geologic processes, setting the context

for understanding how human interaction with the Earth

system contributes to these circumstances

Acclaimed “Case Studies” feature at the end of each chapter

now includes 10 cases on climate change and global warming


Paperback, 656 pages

Geology and the Environment 

Seventh Edition ©2014

Student Edition 



PowerLecture DVD-ROM with ExamView


Test Generator 





Grades 9–12