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The Well-Crafted Argument

White, Billings

Grades 9–12 

Sixth Edition ©2017 9781337287289

Real student writings that engage students and help them

discover their individual voices

Guides students through the process of writing effective

arguments across multiple disciplines

Includes new articles, expanded commentary, and the most

current MLA and APA citation models

Paperback, 784 pages

TheWell-Crafted Argument 

Sixth Edition ©2017

Student Edition 



Readings for Writers, AP



McCuen, Winkler

Grades 9–12 

Sixteenth Edition ©2020 9780357020173

NEW! MindTap™ personalized online learning including

interactive media and point-of-use writing prompts

Prepares students for success on the AP


Language and

Composition exam with individual chapters on Rhetoric,

Argumentation, and Synthesis

Inspires and informs students’ writing with over 70 readings

from a variety of genres and authors

Extensive coverage of Synthesis to support students in

mastering this difficult skill

“Student Corner” featuring model essays by real students,

along with commentary and personal tips from the student


Hardcover, 880 pages

This personal learning environment combines the

eBook and resources into a singular Learning Path

The Fast Track to a 5 mobile app provides students

test prep on-the-go for AP



Fast Track to a 5: Preparing

for the AP



Helps students study for the AP


exam quickly, efficiently, and


Closely correlated to

Readings for Writers

Includes a diagnostic test, test-taking strategies, course

content review, and two full-length practice exams

Paperback, 228 pages

Readings for Writers AP



Sixteenth Edition ©2020

Student Edition + MindTap™ (6-year access) 



Student Edition + MindTap™ (1-year access) 



MindTap™ (6-year access) 



Fast Track to a 5 AP


Test PreparationWorkbook  



The Essay Connection


Grades 9–12 

Tenth Edition ©2013 9780840030078

A collection of essays by professional and student writers,

arranged by rhetorical mode

Timely essays that foster critical thinking on relevant ethical,

social, and political issues

Topics ranging from the personal to the scientific that increase

student engagement

New “Argument Casebook” supporting writing to sources with


Paperback, 656 pages

The Essay Connection 

Tenth Edition ©2013

Student Edition + MindTap™ (6-year access) 



Language and Composition

Language Arts

Grades 9–12



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