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A vast new resourceof topically-focuseddigital collections that support the research and
study needs of scholars and students.
Specialized Primary SourceCollections –Online!
Archives Unbound
digitizes highly specialized
collections andmakes them available to
scholars. These subject-specific collections
supportmulti-disciplinary research and canbe
purchased individually.
Provides online access tohighly
specializedprimary source collections
All collections havenot beenhitherto
available indigital format
Each collection canbepurchased
Servesmultiple researchdisciplines
Canbe accessed from anywhere
within the institution
ACross-searchable, Intuitive Platform
Not only does
Archives Unbound
scholars to conveniently browse rare
materials online, but its robust platform
also enables them to search for specific
words andphraseswithinobscure
documents, or discover hithertounknown
material fromunexpected sources.
Cross-searchall available collections
Search full textwithhit-termhighlighting
Print, downloador email page images in PDF
Zoom in/out, pan, rotatepage images on the
Generate citations to the title
NewCollectionsAdded EveryMonth
A very activepublishing scheduledrives this
newonline resource. Todate
havebeen added to theplatform including
TheChineseCivilWar andU.S.-ChinaRelations,
Japan atWar andPeace, 1930-1949 andWorld
Communism: Pamphlets fromMcMaster University
New collections arebeing added at a rateof 2-3 a
HelpUs CreateNewCollections!
Is there a valuable collectionwithin your library that you'd like to see digitized?WithArchivesUnbound you canhelpus create
new resources from the groundup andwe canhelp create the collections you've alwayswanted to see digitized.
Please contact
with your proposal.We arewaiting tohear from you!
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