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Gale Virtual Reference Library is your single source for eReference aimed at students, researchers, and

general readers. Now you can access thousands of titles from more than 100 publishers covering the most-

studied subject areas—all on one award-winning platform.

Approximately 1,000 academic titles in both simplified and traditional Chinese are now available in Gale

Virtual Reference Library. The titles are published by well-known publishers such as Zhonghua Book

Company, Commerical Press, Peking University Press, Institute of Modern History (Academia Sinica), China

Renmin University Press, and Beijing Normal University Press; and cover a variety of topics such as history,

art, economics, education, international relations, and culture. These titles can be full-text searched and

browsed in Chinese.


Gale Virtual Reference Library



User-focused navigation encourages researchers to engage in efficient and in-depth searches for the

materials they require.Features and functionalities include the following:

Eye-catching book covers

 Cross-search and browse within your

collection and across series in multiple languages

Search within multi-volume sets

User interface available in 34 languages

ReadSpeaker text-to-speech technology in 19


24/7 unlimited and simultaneous circulation

of your eReference collection

On-demand machine-aided content

translations in 14 languages

Users can cross-search Gale Virtual collection

via Gale PowerSearch as well as other supporting