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Asian Studies: China

General George C. Marshall's Mission to

China, 1945-1947


National Archives (U.S.)




56,741 images

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The mission of General George C. Marshall (1880-1959) to prevent the renewal of the Chinese

civil war and, as a consequence, the growth of Soviet influence must be viewed in the context

of the emerging Cold War as well as that of American perceptions of China that go back to

the Open Door days. This collection comprises the full set of records held by the National

Archives in the State Department’s Lot File 54 D 270 and is subdivided into six parts: War

Department records; Records of the Marshall Mission relating to Political Affairs; Records of

the Marshall Mission relating to Military Affairs; Records of the Division of Chinese Affairs;

Records of John Carter Vincent; and, Marshall’s Report.

Original Microform Title: Complete Records of the Mission of General George C. Marshall to China

German Foreign Relations and Military

Activities in China 1919-1935


National Archives (U.S.)




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This collection provides documentation on Germany’s relationswith China during the interwar

period. The Chinese urgency to modernize the military and its national defense industry,

coupled with Germany’s need for a stable supply of raw materials, put the two countries on

the road of close relations from the late 1920s to the late 1930s. Although intense cooperation

lasted only from the Nazi takeover of Germany in 1933 to the start of the war with Japan in

1937, and concrete measures at industrial reform started in earnest only in 1936, it had a

profound effect on Chinese modernization and the capability of the Chinese to resist the

Japanese in the war.