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Asian Studies: Japan

Japan-U.S. Economic Relations Group

Records, 1979-1981


National Archives (U.K.)




15,357 images

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OnMay 2, 1979, President JimmyCarter andPrimeMinisterMasayoshi Ohiramet inWashington,

D.C. and agreed to establish the Japan-U.S. Economic Relations Group—informally known

as the "Wise Men." This small group of distinguished persons drawn from private life would

submit recommendations to Carter and Ohira for maintaining a healthy bilateral economic

relationship between the United States and Japan. Among the issues considered were the

role of economic issues in the overall "political-security-cultural relationship," especially

Japan’s emerging position as aworld power; Japan’s future comprehensive economic security

needs; and its involvement in foreign assistance programs. The Group actively solicited the

views of the American public (Congress, business, labor, agriculture, public interest groups)

to provide an additional forum for those who wished to be heard. The Group also drew upon

research that was currently under way in the two countries and sponsored amodest program

of separate independent research.

Original Microform Title: Records of the Japan U.S. Economic Group

Japan: Records of the U.S. Department of

State, 1950-1959


National Archives (U.S.)




11,858 images

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Commercial documents includePacific OceanFisheries Convention between theUnited States,

Canada, and Japan (1950); the duty of frozen tuna fish (1951); finding of “radioactive radiation in

the fisherman, fish and boat affected by the explosion of the hydrogen bomb at Bikini” (March

1954); records of Philippine tourists to Japan 1953-1956. Diplomatic correspondences include

those of U.S. Secretary of State John Foster Dulles and discussions of U.S.-Japanese policies

in the Pacific and East Asia (June 1957).

Original Microform Title: Records of the Department of State Relating to Political Relations between the

United States and Japan, 1950-1954; 1955-1959