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Asian Studies: China

China: Records of the U.S. Department of

State, 1940-1944


National Archives (U.S.)




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China in the Second World War is the focus of this collection. Documents include

correspondence from the American Chamber of Commerce of Shanghai (September 1940);

discussions calling for protection of American newspapers in China prior to United States

entry into the war; letters to Sumner Welles, undersecretary of state; documents noting

“unfavorable comments made by Japanese-controlled press … concerning foreigners and

policies of the United States and Great Britain” (June 1941); the correspondence of Everett F.

Drumright, American consul (August 1942); samples of “Chinese Communist publications”

supplied by the Embassy at Chungking under cover of dispatches (June 1943); among many

other unique holdings. Topics include the wartime relations between the United States and

China, with emphasis on China's military position and U.S. efforts to give military assistance;

U.S. Army analysis of military operations; U.S. interests regarding Kuomintang-Communist

relations and negotiations; and efforts to provide technical assistance to China and to facilitate

greater cultural cooperation between the United States and China.

Original Microform Title: Records of the Department of State Relating to the Internal Affairs of China,