1)How do I scan the QR code?

If you are using iPhone with IOS 11, you may scan with your phone camera.

Else you can search for “QR code reader” at the app store or google play store and install it to scan.

2)If I have an instructor-led course, can I use the Trial code on my instructor-led course instead?

Yes. The trial access is valid only for 30 days.

3)If I enter a wrong email address when purchasing my code, what shall I do?

You can contact tech support at asia.techsupport@cengage.com.

4)I bought the 12-month access code but do not have an instructor-led course. Can I continue to use on the Trial course?


5)Can I switch from the Trial course to my instructor-led course for the access code I bought?

Yes. You can contact tech support at asia.techsupport@cengage.com to do the switch.