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Veterinary Assisting Fundamentals And Applications 2nd Edition

Vanhorn's VETERINARY ASSISTING: FUNDAMENTALS AND APPLICATIONS, 2ND EDITION, equips you with the knowledge and skills you need for success in real-world practice. Offering step-by-step explanations, the text begins with the basics of veterinary medical terminology and office procedures before advancing to more advanced skills, such as anatomy, restraint, nursing care, radiology and surgical assisting. Comprehensive coverage of animal production and management includes companion, large and exotic animals, while a separate section focuses on general anatomy and physiology of each body system -- along with related disease processes. Clinical scenarios vividly illustrate exactly how chapter concepts apply on the job. Also available, the MindTap digital solution propels you from memorization to mastery with its flexible anywhere, anytime learning tools. Read More

Beth Vanhorn| Robert Clark, PhD


Fundamentals Of Pharmacology For Veterinary Technicians 3rd Edition

Want to be indispensable to your veterinary care team? Instead of memorizing drug names, elevate your understanding of the drugs used to treat animal patients with Romich’s FUNDAMENTALS OF PHARMACOLOGY FOR VETERINARY TECHNICIANS, 3E. Following a body-systems approach, you build a foundation knowledge about important drugs, their actions and potentially harmful effects, diseases the drugs treat, how to administer drugs safely and most effectively, and much more. And to make what you’re learning practical, chapters cover veterinary technician roles, dosage calculations, legal requirements, pharmacy management, job duties and clinical tips. The MindTap platform also offers digital resources such as practice quizzes, games, drug updates, and other supplemental resources for use during your course, while studying for certification exams and in your career. Read More

Janet Amundson Romich| Sarah Wagner


Introduction To Veterinary Science, Soft Cover 3rd Edition

INTRODUCTION TO VETERINARY SCIENCE, Third Edition, provides a solid foundation in this dynamic field for those studying animal and veterinary sciences or preparing for careers as veterinary assistants or technicians. The text begins with an overview of cellular and tissue physiology, followed by chapters dedicated to individual body systems to enable easy comprehension. The authors then investigate crucial topics such as nutrition, disease, surgeries, cost analysis of procedures, safety, and professionalism. Throughout the text, real-life examples are integrated with chapter material to provide practical context, and both small and large animals are featured to expose students to the variety of cases they may encounter in the field. Each chapter opens with a "Day in the Life" preview that explores relevant applications of upcoming content, and chapters conclude with a description of clinical significance. Read More

MeeCee Baker| MeeCee Baker


Agriscience Fundamentals And Applications Updated, Precision Exams Edition 6th Edition

In addition to providing a comprehensive overview of the agricultural industry and industry-based sciences, the Precision Exams Edition of Burton’s AGRISCIENCE: FUNDAMENTALS AND APPLICATIONS, Sixth Edition, aligns to Precision Exams’ Agricultural Science exam. The text covers essential topics such as agriscience in the information age, natural resources, integrated pest management, plant science, animal science, food science, and communication and management, giving students with a solid foundation in the basic principles and practices of agriscience. The Precision Exams Edition also features new information related to the National FFA Organization and selecting and planning an SAE; how math, science, and social studies relate to agriscience; current technologies used in the industry; career opportunities; and advice for professional success and business ownership. Read More

L. DeVere Burton


Agricultural Mechanics: Fundamentals And Applications Updated, Precision Exams Edition 7th Edition

Beyond providing a thorough introduction to the field of agricultural mechanics, the Precision Exams Edition of this trusted text aligns to Precision Exams’ Agricultural Systems Technology, Level 1 exam. The text covers fundamental mechanical and engineering theory, common tools and materials, and practical applications including shop orientation and procedures, woodworking and metalworking, tool fitting, project planning, cutting and welding, paints and paint application, power mechanics, electrical wiring, plumbing, hydraulics, concrete and masonry, and agricultural structures. Safety is also emphasized strongly throughout the text, and a dedicated unit introduces students to diverse career opportunities. The current edition also features new information on the National FFA Organization and SAEs, first aid, and engine powered equipment, as well as new activities and lab exercises. Read More

Ray V. Herren


Equine Science 5th Edition

This engaging, informative text provides a thorough introduction to equine care and management. EQUINE SCIENCE, Fifth Edition, features a full–color layout, numerous photos, and vivid illustrations that help bring chapter material to life, as well as a logical, easy-to-understand sequence of topics. Following an introduction to the equine industry, you’ll learn about horses’ unique anatomy and needs; how to care for, train, and manage horses; and key business aspects of the industry. This all-new edition also clearly connects text content to National AFNR (Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources) Standards, key math and science concepts, and current references, helping prepare you for success in the classroom and beyond. Read More

R.O. (Rick) Parker, Ph.D


The Science Of Animal Agriculture, 5Th 5th Edition

Presenting up-to-date information in a highly visual, reader-friendly manner, THE SCIENCE OF ANIMAL AGRICULTURE, Fifth Edition, provides a thorough introduction to basic science concepts involved in the production of agricultural animals. By combining scientific principles with practical applications, this proven resource clearly demonstrates how science and agriculture are integrally related. The text covers biological processes of agricultural animals--including reproduction, growth and development, and animal behavior--as well as concerns associated with production, such as nutrition, disease, and even the latest in animal biotechnology. The author also addresses key issues such as animal welfare, consumer concerns, and environmental considerations, offering students further insights into today’s agricultural industry. Read More

Ray V. Herren


Floriculture 4th Edition

Master the basics of constructing floral arrangements and explore your creativity with this engaging, reader-friendly text. FLORICULTURE: DESIGNING AND MERCHANDISING, Fourth Edition, provides a comprehensive introduction to the floral design industry and includes step-by-step instructions--complete with high-quality images and detailed material lists--for a wide range of floral design projects. Projects are built around low-cost materials to help you avoid breaking the budget, but the author also offers insights related to alternate materials you’re likely to find in a typical floral shop today. Read More

Dr. Charles P. Griner


Landscaping 8th Edition

LANDSCAPING PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICES, Eighth Edition, provides a solid foundation in three areas of modern professional practice: landscape design, contracting and management. Updated to reflect today’s industry, the text includes new information, new practical learning features, and all-new photos and illustrations. Coverage begins with an overview of landscape design principles and processes, and then explores contracting, installation, maintenance, and professional specialization. The text also features expanded information on the National FFA Organization and content aligned to the Precision Exam for Landscape Management, making it easier to connect classroom work to current industry needs, standards, and certifications. Read More

Jack E. Ingels| Alissa F. Smith


Introduction To Forestry Science, Soft Cover 3rd Edition

Practical, easy to understand, and up-to-date, INTRODUCTION TO FORESTRY SCIENCE, Third Edition provides readers with a comprehensive overview of the principles and practices of forest management that are commonly practiced in the United States. Appropriate for anyone interested in forestry or natural resources, this book is filled with visual aids and tools as well as career profiles which give readers an overview of what it might be like to work in the forest industry and demonstrate how concepts are applied in the real world. In addition to covering the basics of the biological processes necessary for the creation of forests, topics such as the economic impact of forests on the U.S. economy, government historical events and policies, regional differences in forests and forest management, and laws and regulations that govern the use of forests are presented. Read More

L. Devere Burton


The Science Of Agriculture 5th Edition

THE SCIENCE OF AGRICULTURE: A BIOLOGICAL APPROACH, Fifth Edition, masterfully introduces the biological sciences and explores the influences of these sciences on modern agricultural practices and the agricultural industry. Reader-friendly and superbly illustrated, this highly practical text explains not only the “how” of agriculture, but also the “why” behind agriscience, presenting information on plant and animal systems, soils, cell functions, genetics, genetic engineering, plant and animal reproduction, entomology, biotechnology, and environmental concerns. Additionally, the text spotlights career opportunities and discusses new directions in agriculture, including topics such as no-till crops, high-pressure processing in food preservation, fracking, and more, to further engage you with today’s agricultural world. Read More

Ray V. Herren


Agribusiness Fundamentals And Applications, Soft Cover 2nd Edition

Agribusiness: Fundamentals and Applications, second edition, discusses the broad spectrum of the agribusiness world. Several chapters focus on the agricultural input sector, which are the supplies and services needed by ranchers, farmers, and or other production agriculturists. Some examples include the feed, seed, fertilizer, chemical, and farm machinery agribusinesses. Once basic production economics and farm management are discussed, several more chapters cover the agribusiness output sectors that include agribusinesses, which move food and fiber from the farms and ranches to the consumer. The fundamentals and applications of agribusiness are detailed showing how products go from their source to the consumer highlighting the many steps in this process. Basic principles of commodity marketing, international agriculture marketing and food and fiber processing channels are some of the topics explored in detail. Basic agricultural economic principles are discussed to assist the user to better manage an agribusiness. This book not only discusses employment opportunities, but also explains how to start-up, run and manage your own agribusiness. Read More

Cliff Ricketts, PhD.| Kristina G. Ricketts, PhD.


Soil Science And Management, Soft Cover 6th Edition

Gain a practical understanding of soil properties and the soil management techniques most important for the effective use of soils with SOIL SCIENCE AND MANAGEMENT, 6E. This non-technical, reader-friendly book details all aspects of effective soil usage, including management techniques, composition, fertility, erosion, conservation,and irrigation in this practical guide. This edition highlights horticultural uses of soil as well as the latest green methodologies in both agricultural and horticultural practice from the perspective of farmers, horticulturalists, environmentalists and others who are concerned about how soils work and how they can be used most effectively. This edition further examines nutrient management and best practices with the latest updates on legal issues and government programs that make it a useful resource now and invaluable reference for the future. Read More

Edward Plaster


Exploring Agriscience 5th Edition

Discover the exciting world of agriculture through EXPLORING AGRISCIENCE, Fifth Edition, the resource that continues to inspire and inform middle school students across the nation. The new, updated Fifth Edition of this respected text combines a strong grounding in fundamentals with information on the latest advances in the field and current opportunities in agricultural education programs. This comprehensive guide will open your eyes to all agriscience has to offer, including soil, plants, and row crops; floriculture, forest science, and landscaping; livestock, dairy, and poultry industries; aquaculture and companion animals; hand tools; small engine operation; and more. In addition, information on topics such as organic agriculture, biofuels, and biotechnology—and an all-new chapter on urban agriculture—introduces you to the trends and developments shaping the industry today, as well as promising initiatives for the future. Read More

Dr. Ray V. Herren


Leadership 4th Edition

If your goals include a successful career in agriculture--and a leadership role in tomorrow's food, fiber, or natural resources fields--this is the ideal resource for you. LEADERSHIP: PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT AND CAREER SUCCESS, Fourth Edition, explores the leadership skills that are most important in agricultural industries, helping you define and reinforce your strongest traits while developing the skills you need to succeed. Written in an engaging, reader-friendly style, the text covers public speaking, Future Farmers of America (FFA) parliamentary procedure, group dynamics, interpersonal skills, and workplace readiness, as well as basic English language, communication, and higher-order thinking concepts. The authors draw on decades of family farming and agricultural education experience to offer practical guidance on topics like budgeting, financial management, and investing, and they’ve included clear learning objectives and engaging activities to help you master the material and hone your skills. Read More

Dr. Cliff Ricketts| Dr. John C. Ricketts


Exotic Animal Care And Management 2nd Edition

Focusing exclusively on the care of exotic species as pets, EXOTIC ANIMAL CARE AND MANAGEMENT, 2ND EDITION delves into the unique behaviors, diet, housing considerations, handling and restraint methods, medical concerns and clinical procedures related to the proper management of these animals. Reader-friendly and concise, each chapter covers a specific exotic animal commonly found in veterinary practice, including small mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, intervtebrates, alpacas and llamas, miniature pigs and backyard chickens. Also included is an overview of specific concerns and zoonotic diseases associated with exotic animals so that veterinary technicians are fully prepared to contribute to their care and treatment. Read More

Vicki Judah| Kathy Nuttall, MS, CVT


Introduction To Veterinary Science 3rd Edition

INTRODUCTION TO VETERINARY SCIENCE, Third Edition, provides a solid foundation in this dynamic field for those studying animal and veterinary sciences or preparing for careers as veterinary assistants or technicians. The text begins with an overview of cellular and tissue physiology, followed by chapters dedicated to individual body systems to enable easy comprehension. The authors then investigate crucial topics such as nutrition, disease, surgeries, cost analysis of procedures, safety, and professionalism. Throughout the text, real-life examples are integrated with chapter material to provide practical context, and both small and large animals are featured to expose students to the variety of cases they may encounter in the field. Each chapter opens with a "Day in the Life" preview that explores relevant applications of upcoming content, and chapters conclude with a description of clinical significance. Read More

James Lawhead| MeeCee Baker


Wildlife & Natural Resource Management 4th Edition

Understand how professionals manage the natural world with WILDLIFE AND NATURAL RESOURCE MANAGEMENT, 4E! From running fisheries and national parks to studying the environment and resources conservation, career opportunities abound in this growing field. In addition to professional perspectives, this all-new fourth edition encourages you to explore your wild side with vibrant, full-color photos and illustrations of animals, habitats, and endangered species, including ways to identify each. As our human population continues to grow, the pressure on natural resources will inevitably increase. In the past thirty years humans have come a long way in terms of managing fish and wildlife, conserving soil, and protecting the water supply, but it is up to future generations to continue that progress. WILDLIFE AND NATURAL RESOURCE MANAGEMENT, 4E shows you the path to that future—and builds a greater appreciation for the natural world and its limited resources. Read More

Kevin H. Deal


Introductory Horticulture 9th Edition

Providing the most up-to-date coverage of basic principles and methods of practical application, INTRODUCTORY HORTICULTURE, 9e, offers many avenues to explore the horticulture field and remain on the cutting-edge of the industry. Extremely student friendly, the text fully engages you within the learning experience through vivid imagery, a variety of activities, step-by-step procedures, and additional resources encouraging further exploration. The Ninth Edition emphasizes organic and sustainable farming methods, introduces new and emerging technology, and focuses on organizations and career development paths relevant to budding horticulturists. Through extensive full-color visuals, current information, and engaging activities, this all-new edition ensures success within a horticulture course - and well beyond. Read More

Carroll L. Shry, Jr.| H. Edward Reiley


Introduction To Food Science And Food Systems 2nd Edition

INTRODUCTION TO FOOD SCIENCE AND FOOD SYSTEMS, 2nd Edition explores the foundations of the food industry, from nutrition and chemistry to processing and safety, and delves into some of the most pressing foodborne issues of our day. As the world grapples with critical issues such as hunger and GMOs, opportunities abound in agriculture and food science careers, and INTRODUCTION TO FOOD SCIENCE AND FOOD SYSTEMS, 2nd Edition gives you the knowledge and skills required for success. Laced with full-color images, drawings, charts, and graphs, chapters deliver the latest information on genetically engineered foods, environmental concerns and sustainability, food needs of the world, the impacts of food on health, and more. INTRODUCTION TO FOOD SCIENCE AND FOOD SYSTEMS, 2nd Edition also tests your understanding of concepts with practical, hands-on activities in math, science and other key areas. Written with your future in mind, readings also correlate with National Agricultural Education Standards and FFA Career Development Events (CDEs) to prepare you for a meaningful career in today’s agriscience industry. Read More

Rick Parker, PhD.| Miriah Pace