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AE Brief Applied Calculus 7th Edition

This book uses intriguing real-world applications to engage readers' interest and show them the practical side of calculus. Its many applications are related to finance, business, and such general-interest topics as learning curves in airplane production, the age of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Apple and Oracle stock prices, the distance traveled by sports cars, lives saved by seat belts, and the cost of a congressional victory. The Seventh Edition maintains the hallmark features that have made BRIEF APPLIED CALCULUS so popular: contemporary and interesting applications including many that are new or updated); careful and effective use of technology, including graphing calculator and spreadsheet coverage; constant pedagogical reinforcement through section summaries, chapter summaries, annotated examples, and extra practice problems; Just-in-Time algebra review material; and a variety of exercises that allow readers to practice and hone their problem-solving skills. Read More

Geoffrey C. Berresford| Andrew M. Rockett


AE Discovering Computers: Digital Technology, Data, And Devices, 17Th Edition 17th Edition

DISCOVERING COMPUTERS: DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY, DATA, AND DEVICES, 17th edition, teaches you not only the basics of technology, but also how you will use it -- and the responsibilities that go along with being a digital citizen. Focusing on current technology, the content addresses convergence of devices and platforms. Each module integrates practical how-to tips, ethics issues and security topics, while Consider This boxes woven throughout help you sharpen your critical-thinking skills. A variety of end-of-module activities -- checkpoint questions, small group activities and problem-solving exercises -- enable you to put what you learn into practice. MindTap digital learning solution is also available. Using an inviting approach that ensures understanding, DISCOVERING COMPUTERS equips you with the information you need for success at home, school and work. Read More

Jennifer T. Campbell| Mark Ciampa| Steven M. Freund| Mark Frydenberg| Susan Sebok| Misty E. Vermaat| Barbara Clemens


AE Calculus 5th Edition

Discover the power of learning calculus with the intuitive, discovery based, problem-solving approach found in Stewart/Kokoska’s CALCULUS: CONCEPTS AND CONTEXTS, 5th Edition. This easy-to-read, updated edition is designed using the latest learning principles to remove typical barriers to learning. The carefully planned, inclusive learning experience provides new guided, step-by-step explanations and detailed examples with expanded solutions. Numerous exercises provide opportunities to practice, review and discover concepts through pattern recognition. In addition, precise definitions, new margin notes and learning features focus on key concepts and demonstrate how to avoid common mistakes. Every aspect of this edition is designed to help you understand the most important concepts in calculus and learn how to apply them in real-world situations. New online problems with immediate, specific feedback and interactive learning modules in WebAssign further strengthen your conceptual understanding. Read More

James Stewart| Steve Kokoska


Ae Mis 11th Edition

With its practically focused approach, Bidgoli's MIS 11 helps you explore MIS concepts and advancements that will enhance your personal and professional success. Over 130 real-life information boxes and cases illustrate how the materials covered in the text positively impact your everyday life as well as future career. With this edition's MindTap digital experience, you can strengthen your decision-making skills with "You Make the Decision" interactive case studies that bridge technology and business strategy -- with you as the decision-maker. New concept videos and foundational case studies help you delve deeper into key course concepts, while the micro-course on SQL fundamentals gives you hands-on coding experience. In addition, MindTap's MIS for Life spotlights the latest developments and trends in today's dynamic business world. Read More

Hossein Bidgoli


AE Database Systems: Design, Implementation, & Management 14th Edition

Database skills are among the most in-demand IT skills. With its practical, accessible approach, Coronel/Morris' market-leading DATABASE SYSTEMS: DESIGN, IMPLEMENTATION, & MANAGEMENT, 14th edition, equips you with a solid foundation in database design and implementation for today's market. The authors blend foundational theory, the latest real-world practices and the skills employers want. Straightforward writing and vivid illustrations make even complex concepts easy to understand. You'll learn the key to successful database implementation as you study how to properly design databases that fit within the larger strategic data environment. Expanded coverage includes big data analytics, NoSQL and data visualization technologies. In addition, the MindTap digital platform gives you real-world, hands-on practice to help you prepare for a successful career in database design and management. Read More

Carlos Coronel| Steven Morris


AE MIS (Management Information Systems) 10th Edition

Introduce your students to MIS today with the most practical and current title available: MIS 10. Updates throughout this edition present the latest developments in cloud computing, AR/VR, quantum computing and blockchain. New case studies and information boxes connect the principles your students are learning to the most current developments in technology and business today. Key concepts and skills within each case are now tagged to the corresponding AASCB standards to ensure your students are focused on the most important information for success. Read More

Hossein Bidgoli


AE PKG Fundamentals Of Logic Design + CD: Enhanced Edition 7th Edition

Provide your students with an exceptional balance of theory and application as Roth/Kinney/John's FUNDAMENTALS OF LOGIC DESIGN, ENHANCED, 7th Edition presents today's latest advances. Your students gain a strong understanding of the fundamental concepts of logic design without becoming overwhelmed by the mathematics of switching theory. The authors have created 20 easy-to-grasp study units that clearly introduce fundamental concepts, such as Boolean algebra, logic gate design, flip-flops and state machines. By combining coverage of flip-flops with networks of logic gates, students are prepared to design counters, adders, sequence detectors and simple digital systems. After mastering the basics, students progress to modern design techniques using programmable logic devices as well as VHDL hardware description language. WebAssign digital teaching tool is available as a customizable resource to strengthen your students' understanding of today's concepts behind logic design. Read More

Charles H. Roth, Jr.| Larry L. Kinney| Eugene B. John


AE Nutrition Through The Life Cycle 7th Edition

Written by one of the most influential authors in the field, Brown's Nutrition Through the Life Cycle, Seventh Edition, illustrates how nutrition impacts healthy people as they grow, develop and function through life stages. More student friendly than ever, its signature layered approach progresses from preconception to the end stages of the life cycle--alternating chapters between normal and clinical nutrition to give the complete picture of each topic. Including insight from leading experts, it reflects the latest research in its comprehensive coverage of nutritional needs, nutrition and disease outcomes, model programs, healthful diets, gene variants, nutrient-gene interactions and more. Case studies give students experience with real-world clinical applications and care standards. Also available: MindTap digital learning solution. Read More

Judith E. Brown


AE Technology For Success: Computer Concepts 1st Edition

Make today's ever-changing world of technology both relevant and manageable for your students with TECHNOLOGY FOR SUCCESS: COMPUTER CONCEPTS. Written by a team of best-selling technology authors, based on extensive research and developed in partnership with an education advisory panel of subject matter experts, this edition prepares students to be consumers and technology users in their academic, professional and personal lives. This printed or digital solution breaks each topic into brief, inviting lessons that address the “what, why and how” behind technology to ensure deep understanding and real-life application. For those who want an online learning experience, MindTap and SAM (Skills Assessment Manager) resources include hands-on training, concept videos and critical-thinking challenges that challenge learners to problem solve. In addition, news feeds introduce the latest technology-related news and events. Students leave your course able to understand the impact of recent technology on daily life, the economy and society. Read More

Jennifer T. Campbell| Mark Ciampa| Barbara Clemens| Steven M. Freund| Mark Frydenberg| Ralph Hooper| Lisa Ruffolo


AE Nutrition: Concepts & Controversies 15th Edition

Help students eat better and live healthier lives with NUTRITION: CONCEPTS AND CONTROVERSIES, 15th Edition. A market leader for nearly four decades, this text balances important scientific research and nutrition fundamentals with applications to real life and general well-being. Author Sizer and Whitney's conversational tone and their coverage of controversial topics engage students and help them sort through various fads, facts and misconceptions, empowering them to make good food choices. The MindTap interactive platform enables instructors to personalize their course with coordinating slides, multimedia and a full suite of learning activities. Read More

Frances Sizer| Ellie Whitney


AE Systems Analysis And Design 12th Edition

Introduce information systems development with today's latest practical and streamlined approach in Tilley’s SYSTEMS ANALYSIS AND DESIGN, 12E and MindTap digital resources. Students learn even more about emerging technologies and methodologies, including agile methods, cloud computing and mobile applications, as this edition provides an easy-to-understand approach to systems analysis and design. Meaningful projects, insightful assignments and end-of-chapter exercises -- within this edition and online -- work together to hone your students' skills. New MindTap ConceptClip videos and a new continuing case complement the book's wealth of real-world examples and work with proven online learning tools to help students master critical thinking and IT skills needed in today's dynamic, business-related environment. Detailed instructor support focuses on the most important skills and concepts to guide you in helping your students succeed in today's competitive business world. Read More

Scott Tilley


AE Health, Safety, And Nutrition For The Young Child 10th Edition

HEALTH, SAFETY, AND NUTRITION FOR THE YOUNG CHILD, 10th Edition, covers contemporary health, safety, and nutrition needs of infant through school-age children--and guides teachers in implementing effective classroom practices--in one comprehensive, full-color volume. Concepts are backed by the latest research findings and linked to NAEYC standards. The text emphasizes the importance of respecting and partnering with families to help children establish healthy lifestyles and achieve their learning potential. Early childhood educators, professionals, and families will find the latest research and information on many topics of significant concern, including food safety, emergency and disaster preparedness, childhood obesity, children's mental health, bullying, resilience, chronic and acute health conditions, environmental quality, and children with special medical needs. Also provided are easy-to-access checklists, guidelines, activities, and lesson plans that no early childhood student or professional should be without. Read More

Lynn R. Marotz


AE Database Systems: Design, Implementation, & Management 13th Edition

Provide a balanced approach to databases as the market-leading DATABASE SYSTEMS: DESIGN, IMPLEMENTATION, and MANAGEMENT, 13E emphasizes the knowledge and skills necessary for success and makes databases accessible without overwhelming students. Readers gain a solid foundation in database design and implementation as diagrams, illustrations, and tables clarify in-depth coverage of database design. Students learn how successful database implementation involves designing databases to fit within a larger strategic data environment. Revised coverage of SQL introduces more examples and simpler explanations that focus on areas most important for a database career -- making supplementary SQL materials unnecessary. Additional coverage of Big Data Analytics and NoSQL, including related Hadoop technologies, offers a strong hands-on approach. MindTap® now include a digital auto-graded MySQL environment. Read More

Carlos Coronel| Steven Morris


AE Ethics In Information Technology 6th Edition

Give students an understanding of the legal, ethical, and societal implications of information technology with Reynolds' ETHICS IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, 6E. Thorough coverage highlights notable technology developments and their impact on business. Students examine professional codes of ethics, cyberattacks and cybersecurity, security risk assessment, privacy, electronic surveillance, and freedom of expression. They also study Internet censorship, protection of intellectual property, quality software systems, IT’s impact on society, social networking, and ethics of IT corporations. Unlike other introductory books with brief ethical coverage, this edition provides a thorough foundation for addressing ethical issues in the workplace. Business vignettes, new Critical-Thinking Exercises and Manager's Checklists help students examine ethical situations in IT and address relevant issues. Read More

George Reynolds


AE Guide To Computer Forensics And Investigations 6th Edition

Providing authoritative information, powerful instructor resources and real-world student applications, Nelson/Phillips/Steuart's GUIDE TO COMPUTER FORENSICS AND INVESTIGATIONS, Sixth Edition delivers the most comprehensive forensics resource available. This proven author team's wide-ranging areas of expertise mirror the breadth of coverage in the text, which focuses on techniques and practices for gathering and analyzing evidence used to solve crimes involving computers and other digital devices. Providing clear instruction on the tools and techniques of the trade, it introduces readers to every step of the computer forensics investigation--from lab setup to testifying in court. It also details how to use current forensics software and provides free demo downloads of popular tools like FTK Imager for use with Case Projects and Hands-On Projects. MindTap Computing is also available. Read More

Bill Nelson| Amelia Phillips| Christopher Steuart


AE An Introduction To Language 11th Edition

AN INTRODUCTION TO LANGUAGE, 11th Edition, offers an entirely up-to-date look at language studies and linguistics in today's world. Written from the ground up as if it were a first edition, the book is fresh, modern, and reflective of the current state of the field. At the same time, it maintains the acclaimed light, friendly, readable style and the breadth of coverage that have made it a perennial best seller. The authors examine grammatical subjects (e.g., morphology, syntax, semantics, phonetics, phonology), childhood language development and adult secondary language acquisition, and the tremendous leap in knowledge achieved in neurolinguistics. Read More

Victoria Fromkin| Robert Rodman| Nina Hyams


AE Invitation To Computer Science 8th Edition

Offer a contemporary overview of computer science with Schneider/Gersting's best-selling INVITATION TO COMPUTER SCIENCE, 8E. This flexible, non-language-specific text uses an algorithm-centered approach to provide a foundation in computing. Learning objectives and a clear hierarchy help introduce algorithms, hardware, virtual machines, software development, applications of computing, and social issues. Updated exercises and practice problems challenge students to analyze, evaluate, and approach problems creatively. Special interest boxes and timely content highlight topics such as privacy, drones, cloud computing, and net neutrality. Optional online modules for C++, Java, Python, C#, and Ada integrate seamlessly for the flexibility to teach a specific programming language. Optional MindTap® provides study tools and a digital Lab Manual and lab software with 20 laboratory projects. Read More

G. Michael Schneider| Judith Gersting


AE Network+ Guide To Networks 8th Edition

Completely updated, West/Dean/Andrews' NETWORK+ GUIDE TO NETWORKS, 8th edition, equips your students with the skills and knowledge to begin an exciting career installing, configuring and troubleshooting computer networks. It thoroughly prepares students for success on CompTIA's Network+ N10-007 certification exam with fully mapped coverage of all objectives, including protocols, topologies, hardware, network design, security and troubleshooting. An all-new structure makes essential information easily accessible and helps students visualize high-level concepts. New virtualization-based projects give students experience working with a wider variety of hardware, software, operating systems and device interactions, while "On the Job" stories, Applying Concepts activities, and Hands-On and Capstone Projects help readers further explore chapter concepts. MindTap Networking is also available. Read More

Jill West| Tamara Dean| Jean Andrews


AE Java Programming 9th Edition

Introduce your beginning programmers to the power of Java™ for developing applications with the engaging, hands-on approach in Farrell's JAVA PROGRAMMING, 9E. With this dynamic text, even first-time programmers can quickly develop useful programs while mastering the basic principles of structured and object-oriented programming. This edition presents reader-friendly explanations and meaningful programming exercises that highlight today's business applications, game creation, debugging exercises, and case problems. You'll find additional resources to equip new Java programmers with digital tools within MindTap, including interactive teaching and learning tools and coding IDE (Integrated Development Environment) labs. Read More

Joyce Farrell


AE Information Technology Project Management 9th Edition

Develop a strong understanding of IT project management as you learn to apply today’s most effective project management tools and techniques with the unique approach found in Schwalbe's INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY PROJECT MANAGEMENT, 9E. Examine the latest developments and skills as you prepare for the Project Management Professional (PMP) or Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) exams. This edition reflects content from the latest PMBOK® Guide, 6E and the Agile Practice Guide while providing a meaningful context. Examples from familiar companies featured in today's news discussion, exercises and cases reinforce learning. Time-saving template files assist in completing tasks. Agile information, a guide to using Microsoft Project 2016 and MindTap online resources will help you master today's most marketable IT project management skills. Read More

Kathy Schwalbe


AE Management Of Information Security 6th Edition

Equip your students with a management-focused overview of information security as well as the tools to effectively administer it with Whitman/Mattord's MANAGEMENT OF INFORMATION SECURITY, Sixth Edition. More than ever, we need to prepare information security management students to build and staff security programs capable of securing systems and networks to meet the challenges in a world where continuously emerging threats, ever-present attacks and the success of criminals illustrate weaknesses in current information technologies. This text offers an exceptional blend of skills and experiences to administer and manage the more secure computing environments that organizations need. Reflecting the latest developments from the field, it includes updated coverage of NIST, ISO and security governance along with emerging concerns like Ransomware, Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things. Read More

Michael E. Whitman| Herbert J. Mattord


AE Principles Of Information Security 6th Edition

Introduce the latest technology and developments with the book specifically oriented to the needs of information systems students: PRINCIPLES OF INFORMATION SECURITY, 6E. Taking a managerial approach, this market-leading introductory book emphasizes all the aspects of information security -- not just the technical control perspective. Students gain a broad overview of the entire field of information security and related elements with the detail to ensure understanding. Students review terms used in the field, a history of the discipline, and an overview of how to manage an information security program. Current and relevant, this edition highlights the latest practices with fresh examples that explore the impact of emerging technologies, such as the Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, and DevOps. Updates address technical security controls, emerging legislative issues, digital forensics, and ethical issues in IS security, making it ideal for business decision-makers. Read More

Michael E. Whitman| Herbert J. Mattord