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Criminal Investigation 12th Edition

Master modern investigative principles and practices using the field-based approach strongly grounded in current research with Hess/Hess Orthmann/Cho/Molan's CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION, 12E. This best-selling text introduces established tools, practices and policies while detailing the latest innovations in investigative technology and science today. The authors clearly demonstrate techniques and practical applications using a captivating, reader-friendly presentation. The latest discussions introduce advancements in DNA evidence, incident review and solvability factors, terrorism and homeland security, electronic data searches, new case law, forensics and physical evidence, use of body cameras, and ethics as well as increasing standards of proof for stop versus search and arrest versus conviction. MindTap digital resources help you refine your skills and strengthen your understanding with video cases, career scenarios, chapter quizzes and interactive labs that explore investigative techniques. Read More

Kären M. Hess, Ph.D.| Christine Hess Orthmann, M.S.| Henry Lim Cho, M.A.