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Educational Psychology 1st Edition

Teacher education in the 21st century calls for new perspectives, paradigms and pragmatics to prepare quality teachers. Recent international studies such as PISA and TIMMS point to the success of Asian educational systems in equipping their learners with fundamentals and problem-solving skills to cope with the challenges of a complex knowledge-based era. Teacher thinking must be reflective, adaptive and influential to impact future learners. The field of psychology with its advancements in understanding how people learn best has an increasingly important role in teacher education. This adaptation of Educational Psychology with an Asian contextualisation provides an excellent resource for student-teachers to weave psychology into educational studies, curriculum studies and teaching practice. Insights from the National Institute of Education model of teacher education and the pragmatics of theory-practice links, pedagogical innovations and professional learning communities are incorporated. Realistic cases are provided within the texts for the teacher to reflect upon and relate back to one’s beliefs, philosophy and practice. The contextualised nature of this book and its many key features make it an indispensable addition to the Asian educator’s source of reference. Read More

Oon-Seng Tan| Yen-Leng Stefanie Chye| Kek-Joo Lim| Bee-Leng Chua| Bruce W. Tuckman| David M. Monetti