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Listening To Music 9th Edition

Combining a student-friendly presentation with cutting-edge digital resources, Wright/Candelaria's LISTENING TO MUSIC, 9th EDITION, equips you with the tools to actively listen to and inspire a lifelong appreciation for music. Known for its clear, conversational style, LISTENING TO MUSIC, 9th EDITION, guides you -- even if you have no music background -- about what to listen for and why it is important to the piece. The music clips are curated and clipped to keep you focused and engaged on a few musical elements at a time. The text is organized chronologically and discusses musical examples from each era in its social context, describing the construction and culture of each piece. LISTENING TO MUSIC is fully integrated with MindTap to better help you develop your listening skills and maximize your course success. Online resources include interactive exercises, streaming music, Directed Listening Guides, chapter and listening quizzes. Read More

Craig Wright| Lorenzo Candelaria


Music For Sight Singing 7th Edition

Designed for the "musicianship" portion of the freshman-sophomore music theory sequence, Benjamin/Horvit/Koozin/Nelson's MUSIC FOR SIGHT SINGING, Seventh Edition, presents music that is challenging without overwhelming young musicians. With over 1,400 melodies, rhythms and vocal ensemble pieces, it combines a carefully graded sequence of newly composed musical examples with selections from music literature. It includes early music, Classical and Romantic music, works by contemporary composers and female composers, representations of international cultures, popular music, Broadway, jazz and more. Drawing on their extensive experience as composers and music theorists, the authors deliver a comprehensive approach for sight singing to complement the full aural skills and music theory curriculum. Broad breadth of coverage and thoughtful organization provide for well-rounded skill development. Read More

Thomas E. Benjamin| Michael Horvit| Timothy Koozin| Timothy Koozin


Music For Ear Training (With Mindtap Printed Access Card) 4th Edition

With its wealth of hands-on exercises and contextual listening examples, Horvit/Nelson/Koozin's MUSIC FOR EAR TRAINING, Fourth Edition, helps you quickly improve your listening skills and aural understanding of music theory. The accompanying MindTap digital learning solution will propel you from memorization to mastery. Giving you the flexibility of anywhere, anytime learning, MindTap includes streaming audio for all listening examples, rendered with the highest quality instrumental timbres sampled from all the principal instruments of the orchestra. The most comprehensive resource available for aural training, the repertoire covers basic rudiments (intervals, chords and scales), melodies, four-part harmonic settings and varied textures from musical literature, including music by a wide range of major composers -- from Bach and Beethoven to Debussy and Stravinsky. Read More

Michael Horvit| Robert Nelson| Timothy Koozin


Popular Music In America 5th Edition

Michael Campbell’s POPULAR MUSIC IN AMERICA, 5th Edition, follows the evolution of popular music from the mid-19th century to the present with discussions of connections, contrasts, and patterns of influence among artists, styles, and eras. A new, in-depth section on 21st century music connects you to the content through a modern lens. Units are clearly defined by style and timeframe, and chapters feature narrowly focused objectives to keep you on task. This edition also features a vibrant, richly illustrated, magazine-like design, plus numerous online resources. Almost all listening examples are available on Spotify with dedicated unit playlists and/or in YouTube examples which can be found throughout the MindTap version of the text. Read More

Michael Campbell


Rock And Roll 3rd Edition

ROCK AND ROLL: AN INTRODUCTION, 3RD EDITION takes advantage of online delivery of recorded music. For your study of a playlist of 115 rock-era songs discussed in the text. The extensive book companion website, includes timed listening guides, a multimedia-enhanced glossary, links to chapter playlists on both iTunes and Rhapsody for those songs not included on the CD set, and clearly organized recommendations for further listening. Read More

Michael Campbell


Harmony And Voice Leading 5th Edition

A clear and accessible volume spanning the entire theory course sequence, HARMONY AND VOICE LEADING covers all basic concepts, including species counterpoint. Available with MindTap Music (sold separately), which includes the ebook with audio examples, Guided Listening Exercises for many units--showing a step-by-step resolution of a unit exercise--and PDFs of the workbook exercises. Read More

Edward Aldwell| Carl Schachter| Allen Cadwallader| Carl Schachter


Teaching Percussion, Enhanced, Spiral Bound Version 3rd Edition

Gain the knowledge and skills needed to learn--and teach--percussion with TEACHING PERCUSSION, Enhanced 3rd Edition! Providing a comprehensive introduction to every aspect of percussion education, technique and performance, this text and its accompanying videos guide you toward a greater musical awareness and improved technique. Illustrations, examples and exercises acquaint you with the special needs of all percussion instruments. And modern techniques and numerous exercises give you greater insight into music learning and performance. Available with MindTap Music, the digital study tool that empowers you to learn when, where and how you want--even on your mobile. Read More

Gary D. Cook


Music In Childhood Enhanced 4th Edition

MUSIC IN CHILDHOOD: FROM PRESCHOOL THROUGH THE ELEMENTARY GRADES, equips you with the knowledge, tools and confidence to effectively teach music to children. Its practical strategies, imaginative scenarios and comprehensive examples prepare students for careers in music education and help active teachers sharpen their skills. Combining research and their years of experience, authors Campbell and Scott-Kassner present strategies for developing pitch, vocal, rhythmic, instrumental, listening, movement and creative responses in children. They emphasize contemporary topics like diversity, technology, incorporating evolving standards and meeting the needs of exceptional children. Numerous lesson plans and curricular units provide examples to help you effectively create plans tailored to your specific classroom needs. Read More

Patricia Shehan Campbell| Carol Scott-Kassner