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Law Practice Management 5th Edition

Helping you maximize course success and prepare for your legal career, Traina-Donnes' LAW PRACTICE MANAGEMENT, 5th edition, delivers current, easy-to-understand coverage of day-to-day law office management topics, including client relations and communication skills; legal fees, timekeeping and billing; client trust funds and law office accounting; calendaring, docket control and case management; legal marketing; and file and law library management. Up-to-date forms, charts and checklists throughout illustrate important forms relating to law practice functions, equipping you with the skills and concepts needed to complete your job effectively and efficiently. In addition, ethics-related case reviews enable you to think through potential ethical dilemmas before you are actually confronted by them. Read More

Cynthia Traina Donnes, J.D., M.A.


Learning About Immigration Law 4th Edition

LEARNING ABOUT IMMIGRATION LAW, Fourth Edition, is the most up-to-date immigration law text available, accounting for all of the extensive legal changes since September 11, 2001. In addition to detailed coverage of the essential knowledge, processes and tools legal professionals need to master immigration law, the text includes numerous real-life examples to make the material come alive for readers. The new edition features updated information on recent trends and developments, advice on discussing controversial immigration-related issues and a valuable guide to studying for the U.S. citizenship exam. Despite its comprehensive content, this trusted text is reader-friendly and engaging, making it approachable whether you're a legal professional or someone with no formal knowledge of the law who simply wants to help a friend, neighbor or family member with questions or concerns about immigration law. The author assumes no previous knowledge, drawing on his decades of professional experience to deliver an accessible, practical instruction manual on modern immigration law. Read More

Constantinos E. Scaros


Intellectual Property 6th Edition

Master the complexities of modern intellectual property (IP) law with Bouchoux’ INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: THE LAW OF TRADEMARKS, COPYRIGHTS, PATENTS, AND TRADE SECRETS, 6E. Comprehensive yet reader-friendly, this edition addresses current trends and the latest developments in the field, including technological innovations, intellectual property in the digital age, the role of the Internet and the impact of the pandemic on IP. This edition provides sample agreements, forms, checklists of paralegal tasks and statutes to help you in practice. Updated case studies as well as excerpts of real cases highlight interesting issues, such as the ability to copyright the Batmobile or tattoos, the Google vs. Java battle or the suit against Stephen King. New learning features help you prepare for a successful career as a paralegal, while new activities reflect real business assignments to ensure you are ready for success in today's actual legal practice. Read More

Deborah E. Bouchoux, Esq.


The Litigation Paralegal: A Systems Approach 7th Edition

Succeed in your course and prepare for your paralegal career with McCord/Tepper's THE LITIGATION PARALEGAL: A SYSTEMS APPROACH, 7th edition. Combining theories and principles of law with practical skills, this engaging, highly visual text includes forms, checklists and online resources that illustrate real-world practice. The book covers the latest electronic discovery issues and the associated ethical and practical responsibilities of the paralegal. New sections highlight the impact and influence of social media in the litigation setting and offer tips for a healthy work-life balance. A wide range of new and updated cases, ethics assignments, key terms and study questions help you master key content. Read More

James W. H. McCord, J.D.| Pamela Tepper


Legal Research, Analysis, And Writing 5th Edition

Become the "go to" paralegal at your firm as you prepare for a career in law with Putman/Albright's popular LEGAL RESEARCH, ANALYSIS, AND WRITING, 5E. This reader-friendly, step-by-step approach shows you how to conduct reliable digital and traditional legal research, analyze the results and write clear memoranda and other legal documents that are well supported. Each chapter begins with an interesting hypothetical scenario and ends by showing you how the chapter’s concepts apply to the scenario. You walk through the legal process as chapters discuss key facts and issue spotting, analysis and counter-analysis, research, secondary sources, citations and writing strong legal briefs and memoranda. Updates show you trusted sources for digital research, while the latest examples, Practice Alerts learning features and optional Cengage Infuse digital resources help you refine skills to stand out as a legal professional in today's tech-driven, competitive job market. Read More

William H. Putman, JD| Jennifer R. Albright, JD, LLM


Legal Ethics 4th Edition

Equipping you with a solid grasp of the ethical rules that apply in the legal setting, Kauffman/Rybicki's LEGAL ETHICS, 4th edition, is a user-friendly guide to the most important aspects of professional responsibility facing students and new graduates today. Important case law and critical concepts are presented within the context of how legal ethics can impact your role in the legal field. The text is packed with real-world examples of lawyer and non-lawyer instances of misconduct, current and classic case law, discussions of famous (and infamous) people and up-to-date stats on the paralegal job market and compensation. Access to Justice features illustrate how the legal field is moving toward an inclusive approach, while Communication is Key features offer tips for communicating effectively across a variety of platforms. Read More

Kent Kauffman| Erin Rybicki


Law Office Technology: A Theory-Based Approach 9th Edition

Gain a thorough understanding of the important role of technology in today's legal setting with Lusk/Traina Donnes' LAW OFFICE TECHNOLOGY: A THEORY-BASED APPROACH, 9E. This theory-based companion guide perfectly complements the practical lessons included in the National Society for Legal Technology’s (NSLT) Legal Technology Certificate program. With this guide, you examine the theory behind technology and its applications as you study "why" and "when" to use software tools in the legal profession. This focus on "why" software is used seamlessly supports NSLT's practical approach that emphasize "how" to use software. Engaging narratives integrate the latest developments as you explore the reasons to use software, and meaningful discussions delve into ethical considerations before using software tools. This critical content supplements what you learn in classroom lectures with interesting readings that enhance your overall software training experience. Read More

Matthew S.Cornick, J.D.| Cynthia Traina Donnes, J.D., M.A.


Tort Law 7th Edition

Prepare for a successful career as a paralegal with the key concepts and practical principles of tort law clearly presented in Edwards/Cull's TORT LAW, 7E. Interesting, updated content presents the latest legal developments while current cases demonstrate tort concepts applied in today's real world. Realistic situations in this edition are designed to help you further hone your legal understanding and skills. Internet references throughout the text also introduce the latest digital tools and guide you to reliable sources of legal information. This edition's proven learning features, such as "Tort Teasers," show you how to carefully consider variables in a case and potential resolutions. In addition, "Practice Pointers" and "Practical Ponderables" highlight skills such as drafting pleadings, preparing medical authorization requests, documenting damages, drafting jury instructions and assembling trial exhibits to equip you for a rewarding paralegal career. Read More

J. Stanley Edwards, J.D.| Traci L. Cull, J.D.


Paralegal Today: The Legal Team At Work 8th Edition

Prepare for success in your career as a paralegal as PARALEGAL TODAY: THE LEGAL TEAM AT WORK, 8E. introduces today's legal system. You learn how current technology and social media tools are used in practice. Real examples, hands-on practical applications and ethical dilemmas help strengthen your understanding of laws in current society and the importance of ethical and professional responsibility. You also refine the skills needed to thrive in today's legal landscape. An entire chapter highlights paralegal careers and salaries to prepare you for work choices. In addition, you examine current issues, such as legal responses to the #MeToo movement, legal trends in protecting women's rights in the workplace, the use of the latest online legal research tools and technical requirements in today's courtroom. In addition, you learn how to conduct effective interviews, work with witnesses and address today's developments in family law. Read More

Roger LeRoy Miller| Mary Meinzinger


The Law Of Contracts And The Uniform Commercial Code 4th Edition

Learn to work with all of the important features of common law contracts as well as Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code with Tepper's THE LAW OF CONTRACTS AND THE UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE, 4E. This understandable approach reduces contract law to its basic components with examples that build upon one another. Updated, real cases demonstrate how to apply concepts, while a unique fact pattern in each chapter highlights how contracts and concepts impact daily lives, often with unusual results. Clear learning objectives, chapter summaries and reviews, and a running glossary help you fully grasp this complex area of law. This edition offers a unique emphasis on contract situations that may be familiar to you from the internet and social media. Intriguing examples and updated exercises reinforce the practical application of contracts not found in most legal texts. Optional MindTap digital resources are also available to further strengthen your understanding. Read More

Pamela Tepper


Wills, Trusts, And Estate Administration 9th Edition

Master the basics of estate planning and bequeathing property to others through wills and trusts with Walter/Wright's market-leading WILLS, TRUSTS, AND ESTATE ADMINISTRATION, 9E. This reader-friendly approach, designed specifically for paralegals, familiarizes you with the latest laws and procedures, including the Uniform Probate Code, the new Uniform Electronic Wills Act and the Uniform Partition of Heirs' Property Act. Packed with engaging, visually driven content and enhanced by detailed exhibits and a writing style free of confusing legalese, this edition introduces the important role that paralegals and other legal professionals play in this critical area of law. You examine the latest relevant laws, review court procedures and learn about tax implications and ethical choices. Throughout the text user-friendly case summaries, state-specific examples, practical assignments and detailed documents guide your learning while actual contemporary examples of issues prepare you for success as a paralegal. Read More

Janis Walter| Janis Walter


Family Law 7th Edition

In the midst of exclamatory headlines, such as "Son Sues to Divorce His Mother," "Surrogate Mother Refuses to Turn Over Baby" and "Facebook Divorces on the Rise," Statsky's FAMILY LAW, 7E helps you find an accurate picture of the state of family law today and your role, as a paralegal, within it. You examine issues truly impacting family law, such as no-fault divorce, the women’s movement, and the impact of science and technology on concepts of parentage. Engaging changes, such as new mechanisms for pursuing parents not paying child support and the court's support of unmarried fathers seeking to undo their children's adoptions, keep you reading as you learn. In addition to presenting fundamental principles of family law and current nationwide legal practices, this edition provides state-specific assignments for applying family law in your local area. Legal analysis exercises, real forms, documents and cases further prepare you to work with the actual tools and processes family law professionals use today. Read More

William P. Statsky


Practical Real Estate Law 8th Edition

Learn the role of today's real estate paralegal as you examine the intricacies of real estate law and transactions in Hinkel's PRACTICAL REAL ESTATE LAW, 8E. Ideal for studying real estate practice and as an on-the-job reference, this comprehensive resource clearly explains the complexities of contemporary real estate law and legal principles using practical applications, case examples and the latest real estate legal forms. Updates detail the latest rulings and industry regulations, while case summaries illustrate legal principles in action. New case problems and assignments provide practice in reading and analyzing material. Meaningful discussions, checklists and illustrated forms guide you through real estate practice while emphasizing ethics. You examine all areas of transactional real estate--from contracts and brokerage relationships to surveys, title insurance, taxation and real estate finance related to residential and commercial processes in the United States. Read More

Daniel F. Hinkel


Introduction To Law 7th Edition

Discover an appreciation for today's law as you learn how law affects virtually every facet of modern life and society with Walston-Dunham's best-selling INTRODUCTION TO LAW, 7E. You begin with a detailed look at the organization of the U.S. system of government. This edition's timely, clear presentation guides you through each of the primary substantive areas of law as you complete realistic assignments, examine relevant ethical issues and review easy-to-understand judicial opinions that reinforce the topics within each chapter. From fundamental concepts to emerging legal topics, INTRODUCTION TO LAW, and accompanying print and digital MindTap resources, help you thoroughly understand legal terminology, principles of law and key cases that are impacting society -- and so many professions -- today. Read More

Beth Walston-Dunham, J.D.


Civil Litigation 8th Edition

Succeed in your role as a paralegal with the help of Kerley/Hames/Sukys' CIVIL LITIGATION, 8E. Practical, easy-to-understand and thoroughly up-to-date, this proven book helps you grasp the details of today's litigation practice. You examine the litigation process in a range of contexts as the book demonstrates the relationship of litigation to other legal specialties. Each chapter includes exercises focusing on two single cases. This approach gives you the opportunity to work the cases from beginning to end, simulating an actual job experience. The book highlights sample documents, such as complaints, answers, interrogatories and deposition summaries, to familiarize you with real documents you will encounter in today's litigation law office. Trust CIVIL LITIGATION for a full understanding of contemporary litigation practices. Read More

Peggy Kerley| Joanne Banker Hames| Paul Sukys


Legal Research, Analysis, And Writing 4th Edition

Be the “go to” paralegal at your firm with the fourth edition of LEGAL RESEARCH, ANALYSIS, AND WRITING! This book shows you how to conduct reliable legal research, analyze the results, and write clear memoranda and other legal documents that are on-point and well supported. In addition to an easy-to-read format, this student favorite offers hypothetical scenarios, examples, and exercises that clarify the important work paralegals do every day to help law offices and legal departments run smoothly. Of course, the fourth edition offers the latest updates, with special attention to the electronic legal research tools common today. And, to add to your success, optional MindTap tools cater to your personal learning style with interactive quizzing, flashcards, and practice assignments that help you build momentum and confidence quickly. Read More

William H. Putman, JD| Jennifer R. Albright, JD, LLM


Intellectual Property 5th Edition

Master the complexities of modern intellectual property law with this comprehensive, reader-friendly text! Throughout the book, you’ll find sample agreements, forms, checklists of paralegal tasks, statutes, realistic case studies, and excerpts of real cases involving interesting issues (such as the copyright ability of the Batmobile, tattoos) that will help you prepare for a successful career as a paralegal. Read More

Deborah E. Bouchoux, Esq.