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The Art Of Theatre 4th Edition

THE ART OF THEATRE: THEN AND NOW, 4th Edition, brings the fascinating world of theatre to life with lively coverage of the history, cultural diversity, creativity, controversy -- and even a typical day in the life -- of theatre. As the authors wrote each chapter, they asked themselves how the subject applies to students' lives. The result is a text packed with practical information you can use in everyday life, including insight on censorship, freedom of speech, copyrights, the National Endowment for the Arts, and more. Timely connections drawn between theatre and TV and film help you see how the living stage is unique, and the optional MindTap digital learning solution provides a variety of online study tools to help you ensure your success in the course. Read More

William Missouri Downs| Lou Anne Wright| Erik Ramsey


The Essential Theatre 11th Edition

Whether you are a theatre major looking forward to a career in the arts or a non-major interested in an overview to increase your appreciation as an audience member, THE ESSENTIAL THEATRE, 11th Edition, provides an engaging, insightful, and informative resource that will enrich your theatre experience throughout your life. Written by highly respected teachers and theatre historians, the text has earned its reputation as one of the most comprehensive, authoritative surveys of the theatre. Its vibrant treatment of theatre practice--past and present--catalogs the origins of theatre through postmodernism and performance art. The Eleventh Edition includes an all-new chapter devoted to musical theatre, new "Then and Now" boxes that link theatre history to present-day, and numerous new photos--including photos of actors you will quickly recognize from film and television. Read More

Oscar G. Brockett| Robert J. Ball| John Fleming| Andrew Carlson


Acting 7th Edition

Reader-friendly and practical, ACTING: ONSTAGE AND OFF demonstrates how to adapt onstage training toward offstage performance, and how to apply skills for theatre and film to lead a rich, full life outside the theatre. Humorous, conversational writing helps students learn all phases of actor training, including scene study, auditioning, and improvisation, as well as relaxation techniques for the mind, voice and body. Examples from life, rather than dramatic literature, ensure understanding. Students also learn strategies for connecting with other actors in a scene and in rehearsal. Enlightening and creative exercises help students practice altering their physical and emotional state to become a character while keeping those aspects of their selves that most serve the role being played. Read More

Robert Barton


Theatre 7th Edition

Experience theatre as "a performing art and humanistic event." THEATRE: A WAY OF SEEING is an exciting introduction to all aspects of theatre: who sees it, what is seen, and where and how it is seen. The author presents the theatre experience from the viewpoint of audiences exposed to a complex, living art that involves people, spaces, plays, designs, staging, forms, language, and productions. Read More

Milly S. Barranger


Acting Is Believing 12th Edition

Did you know that "an actor must believe to make his audience believe?" This is the key concept behind ACTING IS BELIEVING. Authors Charles McGaw and Larry D. Clark have influenced thousands of actors, and this Twelfth Edition has been completely updated by Kenneth Stilson to inspire today's future acting professionals. New exercises keep the content current and relevant. You'll learn the Stanislavski System and how to perfect using it, and benefit from hundreds of other tips that help you become the flawless actor you are meant to be. The final chapter, "Getting the Job," will help you find a job in the acting industry by discussing the latest approaches to auditioning and marketing. Read More

Kenneth L. Stilson| Larry D. Clark| Charles McGaw