Professional Hairdressing: Australian and New Zealand Edition,
1st Edition

Martin Green, Leo Palladino

ISBN-13: 9780170262323 | ISBN-10: 0170262324

Copyright 2016

| Published 2015

| 512 pages

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Be a cut above the rest with the latest Australian & NZ Hairdressing text. Address the essential knowledge and skills of all core and the most sought after elective units. Professional Hairdressing 1e reflects the hairdressing qualification with a holistic blend of valued practical skills, theory and professional attitudes. Supports study in SHB30416 Certificate III in Hairdressing. Combining theory and practice in one easy-to-use textbook, Professional Hairdressing 1e brings together all aspects of hairdressing and barbering so aspiring professionals can learn more. With a greater focus on current economic issues such as sustainability and the environment, high quality, up to date photography and step by step procedures, current trends, styles and benchmarks, this is the hairdressing textbook all aspiring professionals will need to have. The professional appeal of this text is enhanced with instructor manuals and training resources, detailed mapping documents along with online learning and support resources for students.

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Meet the Authors

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Martin Green is a college lecturer and hairdresser in the UK. He has been a consultant to HABIA and has worked for the awarding organisation City and Guilds, London as a regional verifier.

Leo Palladino (deceased), had a successful career in hairdressing, technology and education in the UK. He wrote the original chapters on the science of hairdressing, and these became the basis of the Official Guides to Hairdressing, published by Cengage in the UK Diploma in Salon Management

  • Expanded content covering the latest trends, styles and industry benchmarks
  • Detailed mapping of content to units of competency, elements and performance criteria from the current SIH Hairdressing Training Package. Speak with your Learning Consultant for purchasing options.
  • Student Companion website for additional study tools, such as chapter quizzes, flashcards, crosswords and much more
  • High quality, up to date photography and step by step procedures for visual learners
  • Instructor Support Package, including Test Banks, customisable chapter-by-chapter PowerPoint presentations, an image database, competency to chapter simple mapping and more
  • Key information covering the sciences of hairdressing
  • Greater focus on sustainability and environmental issues
  • Margin Best Practice, Tips and Activity Boxes throughout each chapter identify key words and processes to help with topic retention, and can be used a quick reference during revision
  • In Chapter References direct the student to other chapters in the text where relevant information crosses over, for additional insight or to revisit certain key points

Table of Contents

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1 Apply salon safety procedures
2 Maintain and organise tools, equipment and work areas
3 Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices
4 Conduct financial transactions

5 Workplace communication
6 Work as a team to coordinate client services
7 Perform a full client consultation
8 Work effectively in a client service environment
9 Retail

10 Principles of hairdressing science
11 Hair and scalp treatments
12 Styling
13 Colouring
14 Cutting
15 Chemical reformation
16 Barbering

Cengage provides a range of supplements that are updated in coordination with the main title selection. For more information about these supplements, contact your Learning Consultant.

Test Bank for Roemuss Professional Hairdressing: Australian and New Zealand Edition

Create, customise and deliver tests in minutes for both print and online applications. A bank of questions for you to use to build your quizzes, tests and exams.

Artwork from Roemuss Professional Hairdressing: Australian and New Zealand Edition

Digital files of graphs, tables, pictures and flow charts from the text that can be used in a variety of media. Add them into your lectures, use in student handouts and include in your LMS.

PowerPoint Slides for Roemuss Professional Hairdressing: Australian and New Zealand Edition

Slides focus on the main concepts covered in each chapter. Created by specialists in this area, every key point in the textbook is examined. Picture, graphs and videos are included where appropriate. Edit and amend to suit your own requirements.

Lesson Plans for Roemuss Professional Hairdressing: Australian and New Zealand Edition (for Instructors)


Detailed Mapping Grid for Roemuss Professional Hairdressing: Australian and New Zealand Edition (Instructors Only)

Mapped to required skills and knowledge with page numbers of text

Professional Hairdressing: Australian and New Zealand Edition Student Companion Website

Crosswords, flash cards, glossary, quiz, weblinks

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