Financial Institutions and Markets,
8th Edition

Ben Hunt, Chris Terry

ISBN-13: 9780170411851 | ISBN-10: 0170411850

Copyright 2019

| Published 2018

| 520 pages

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Financial Institutions and Markets focuses on the operation of Australia’s financial system. This text examines the financial system’s three main functions: settlement, flow-of-funds and risk transfer. The book provides a comprehensive and easily understood integrated account of the activities of Australia’s financial institutions and markets – and their instruments – including the major capital and foreign exchange markets, and the markets for derivatives. This book is fully updated post - GFC to include coverage of issues such as Bitcoin, Atlassian and Brexit. New print books also come with Search Me! Finance, so you have the latest finance news stories at your fingertips.

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Meet the Authors

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Ben Hunt is an Associate Professor in the School of Finance and Economics. He is currently the Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning) after serving as Head, Graduate School of Business and Director of the MBA program. Ben has degrees from Adelaide University, including a Master's thesis on the Sydney Futures Exchange, and a Doctorate from the Australian National University. His PhD focussed on an examination of the determinants of Australian interest rates and exchange rates. He is widely regarded as an expert on risk management in the Asia-Pacific region and is a regular presenter for the Euromoney Institute of Finance.

Chris Terry was awarded his Doctorate from New York University in 1975 the year in which he joined the New South Wales Institute of Technology. He has taught a range of subjects, including Microeconomics, Public Finance and Capital Markets and co-written four textbooks in the areas of Microeconomics, Microeconomic Policy and Financial Markets as well as contributing many chapters to books in these fields. Chris was Head of the Economics Department from 1983 to 1986, Head of School from 1987 to 1989, Associate Dean (Postgraduate Programs and Research) from 1994 to 1995 and once again Head of School from 1997 to 2004.

  • The presentation of the mathematical material throughout has been reorganised in a specially designed framework to more clearly display the calculations
  • Exclusive-to-MindTap FinMaths interactives and exercises
  • Chapter 6 provides a comprehensive overview of the latest international and national framework for the promotion of financial system stability
  • Chapter 1 now includes a discussion of financial system performance and a revised set of financial functions that reflects the heightened need for financial system stability
  • All chapters have been updated to incorporate important recent developments and revised frameworks
  • Chapter 5 now provides a more focused discussion of the sources and uses (especially housing loans) of funds by Australia’s banks
  • Chapter 2 introduces the new payments platform that was introduced in February 2018 and presents a discussion of other financial innovations
  • New MindTap with unique features to help students self-master difficult concepts including locally created Financial Maths Interactives and video-based polling activities ‘Playing the Market’
  • Redesigned 'Fin Maths' boxes now feature a specially designed framework to display the calculations more clearly and help make the maths easily digestible for students
  • New 2-column layout implemented for all new financial maths content to more clearly display the calculations
  • Expanded Learning Objectives in response to feedback that this gives students a clearer understanding of the learning path ahead
  • Updated currency of existing cases studies, data and research to include contemporary topics like Bitcoin, Brexit and the US election

Table of Contents

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1. Introduction to financial systems
2. The payments system
3. Introduction to direct financing
4. Funds management
5. Authorised deposit-taking institutions
6. Promoting financial-system stability
7. The money market
8. The bond market
10. The share market
11. Foreign exchange and global capital markets
12. Introduction to interest-rate risk management
13. Financial futures
14. Swaps
15. Exchange-traded options

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Financial Institutions and Markets

  • ISBN-10: 0170411850
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