Contemporary Marketing,
18th Edition

Louis E. Boone, David L. Kurtz

ISBN-13: 9780357033777 | ISBN-10: 0357033779

Copyright 2019

| Published 2018

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Since the first edition of this book was published, Contemporary Marketing has continued improving on its mission of equipping students with the most comprehensive collection of learning tools, teaching materials and innovative resources available. The upgraded 18th edition represents a new industry benchmark by delivering the most practical, technologically advanced, user-friendly resource package on the market.

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Meet the Authors

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After a long and distinguished career, Louis E. "Gene" Boone passed away just before the publication of the 13th edition of CONTEMPORARY MARKETING. Over the years, students and colleagues at the University of Tulsa and the University of South Alabama and other schools in the U.S., Australia, and Europe were fortunate to be influenced by Gene's insights. Many marketing instructors knew Gene through his distinguished career and remember the numerous contributions that he made to business education. Gene was a pioneer of the marketing discipline and arguably the best and most creative business writer of his generation.

Dr. David L. Kurtz has taught at a number of major U.S. and foreign universities and has co-authored best-selling books with Dr. Louis E. Boone. Their publications have been translated into Chinese, French, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish. Dr. Kurtz has lectured extensively throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. He attended Davis & Elkins College in Elkins, West Virginia, before entering the graduate business school at the University of Arkansas, where he met Dr. Gene Boone. As longtime co-authors, Dr. Boone and Dr. Kurtz wrote more than 50 books. In addition to writing, the two served as partners in several entrepreneurial ventures. Today, Dr. Kurtz teaches at the University of Arkansas after duty tours in Ypsilanti, Michigan; Seattle; and Melbourne, Australia. He is the proud grandfather of five and a sportsman with a golfing handicap too high to mention. Dr. Kurtz, his wife Diane and four demanding canine companions (Daisy, Lucy, Molly and Sally) live in Rogers, Arkansas. Dr. Kurtz holds a distinguished professorship at the Sam M. Walton College of Business in nearby Fayetteville, home of the Arkansas Razorbacks.

  • Chapter-ending activity: Each chapter ends with a short activity that reinforces specific learning from the chapter, further reinforcing comprehension and retention.
  • Opening and closing examples: Each section features opening and closing examples that tie directly to the learning objective and demonstrate the concepts in action.
  • Updated examples and content presentation: Examples throughout the text have been researched and refreshed to reflect current trends in marketing and business.
  • Focus on application-based learning: Our goal is for students to “learn it today and use it tomorrow.” Content is focused on practical, real-world skills that marketing professionals use on a regular basis.
  • Streamlined narrative: Rather than introduce an overly broad array of topics, we utilized industry research to choose the most relevant and current concepts – then we deep dive on those to provide students a thorough understanding of each.

Table of Contents

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1. Marketing: The Art and Science of Satisfying Customers.
2. Strategic Planning in Contemporary Marketing.
3. The Marketing Environment, Ethics, and Social Responsibility.
4. E-Business: Managing the Customer Experience.
5. Social Media: Living in the Connected World.
6. Consumer Behavior.
7. Business Markets and Buying Behavior.
8. Global Marketing.
9. Market Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning.
10. Marketing Research.
11. Product and Branding Concepts.
12. Developing and Managing Products.
13. Pricing Concepts.
14. Pricing Strategies.
15. Distribution Channels and Supply Chain Management.
16. Retailing and Direct Marketing.
18. Integrated Marketing Communications, Advertising, and Public Relations.
19. Personal Selling and Sales Promotion.
Appendix A: Developing an Effective Marketing Plan.
Appendix B: Financial Analysis in Marketing.
Online Appendix: Your Career in Marketing.
Name & Company Index.
Subject Index.

Learning Path

Getting Started: At the beginning of the full learning path is this quick video that provides guidance on how to navigate MindTap and its features.

Spark Interest: Students learn how multi-faceted marketing is – that it’s not just common sense. By reading through scenarios and real-world examples, students learn more about the impact that marketing can have on other fields.

Class Prep: Students can prepare for class by watching the animated video that provides a high-level overview of chapter concepts. Students complete immediately afterward to test their comprehension of the key concepts covered in the video. Students will gain better understanding of the concepts by reading the e-Book and attending lecture.

e-Book: Explore chapter concepts, key terms, and real-world examples that tie directly to learning objectives and demonstrate chapter concepts in action. This format increases comprehension and retention of the core content.

Learn it Today…Use it Tomorrow: After reading the e-Book, students complete a short, ungraded activity that reinforces specific learning from the chapter, further reinforcing comprehension and retention.

Chapter Assignment: These pre-built homework assignments include a variety of different problem types assessing comprehensive understanding of the entire chapter. These are automatically graded and include rejoinder feedback for right and wrong answers.

Study Tools: Students will find Adaptive Test Prep, lecture slides, and flashcards, which allows students to ease the high anxiety that is often experienced around preparation for and taking exams.

You Make the Decision: Students are put in the shoes of a marketer in these interactive, media-rich activities. Following a scenario related to course content covered so far, students are presented with decision points as they progress through this interactive activity. Every decision a student makes impacts the outcome of the scenario, creating a unique marketing experience for each student. Appearing at the end of each part, these activities act as a summative opportunity, ultimately aiding students in connecting concepts from multiple lessons.

Marketing Plan Assignments: These flexible, modular assignments at the part level allow you to assign a complete marketing plan in stages – or pick only specific sections to assign. Featuring fill-in-the-blank response and short answer fields for quick review of student-provided information and corresponding templates for students to complete and upload, these assignments present a flexible, course-integrated way to give students experience thinking through and building out a marketing plan.

Group Projects and Role Play Activities: These activities at the part level, powered by YouSeeU, are designed to take the headaches out of managing group dynamics by automatically placing students into groups based on matching mutual availability. Students work in teams – as they would in marketing – to tackle assignments related to each major part covered in the course. Utilizing tools like scheduling and hosting virtual meetings, sharing documents and videos, and assigning milestones and tasks, these activities provide students with experience working in teams and utilizing real-world collaboration tools.

“In the News”: At the end of the full learning path are chapter-specific, current articles written by marketing instructors that automatically feed/flow in to the learning path throughout the semester. These current events help students relate to concepts and see them applied in the real world while saving instructors time spent seeking out articles that apply to specific concepts.

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