Law Office Technology: A Theory-Based Approach,
9th Edition

Matthew S.Cornick, J.D., Cynthia Traina Donnes, J.D., M.A.

ISBN-13: 9780357619254 | ISBN-10: 0357619250

Copyright 2023

| Published 2022

| 208 pages

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Gain a thorough understanding of the important role of technology in today's legal setting with Lusk/Traina Donnes' LAW OFFICE TECHNOLOGY: A THEORY-BASED APPROACH, 9E. This theory-based companion guide perfectly complements the practical lessons included in the National Society for Legal Technology’s (NSLT) Legal Technology Certificate program. With this guide, you examine the theory behind technology and its applications as you study "why" and "when" to use software tools in the legal profession. This focus on "why" software is used seamlessly supports NSLT's practical approach that emphasize "how" to use software. Engaging narratives integrate the latest developments as you explore the reasons to use software, and meaningful discussions delve into ethical considerations before using software tools. This critical content supplements what you learn in classroom lectures with interesting readings that enhance your overall software training experience.

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Meet the Authors

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Matthew S. Cornick, J.D., is a graduate of the State University of New York at Buffalo and the Emory University School of Law. He has been teaching Civil Litigation, Legal Research, Family Law, and Introduction to Law and Ethics to paralegal students for over twenty years. Mr. Cornick frequently speaks to paralegal associations and law firms on the topic of technology in the law office. He has served on the Approval Commission to the American Bar Association's Standing Committee on Paralegals and is the author of A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO FAMILY LAW (West Publishing, 1995) USING COMPUTERS IN THE LAW OFFICE, 7e, as well as Advanced and Basic editions of that text.

Cynthia Traina-Donnes has been a paralegal educator for over 30 years, teaching bankruptcy, legal technology and advanced legal technology at Tulane University. She is a qualified family/civil mediator registered with the Louisiana Bar Association, a securities arbitrator with FINRA and a former bankruptcy trustee. She is also an approved CLE sponsor, conducting seminars in several practice areas. In addition to this book, Traina-Donnes co-authored LAW OFFICE TECHNOLOGY: A THEORETICAL APPROACH, 9th Edition, also published by Cengage. In November 2018, she was elected to the AAfPE board as the ABA commission representative. A former CASA advocate and CASA board president, she currently serves as an American Cancer Society board member. She has six children and six grandchildren.

  • EACH CHAPTER CLOSELY CORRESPONDS TO THE LATEST NSLT TASKS. The authors use their first-hand experience with NSLT to pair every chapter seamlessly with specific National Society for Legal Technology (NSLT) tasks. This seamless organization helps guide students as they complete the NSLT’s Legal Technology Certificate.
  • REIMAGINED CONTENT FOCUSES ON WHY SOFTWARE IS NEEDED AND ITS ROLE IN LEGAL SETTINGS. The authors apply their extensive experience to focus on "why" and "when" professional need software in a law firm setting, rather than "how" software functions. The latest content removes references to the antiquated methods of working with downloaded or installed trial version software programs to focus on web-browser based access to software.
  • NEW "TECH THIS OUT!" FUN LEARNING FEATURES HIGHLIGHT THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENTS. Every chapter includes an exciting "Tech This Out!" section that focuses on new, innovative and emerging technology breakthroughs.
  • "STOP & THINK" CONTENT ENCOURAGE STUDENTS TO PONDER THEIR RESPONSES TO REAL-LIFE CHALLENGES. Intriguing "Stop & Think" content in each chapter prompts students to carefully consider real and common work experiences and how they would handle or resolve each issue.
  • THIS EASY-TO-UNDERSTAND COMPANION GUIDE CORRESPONDS SEAMLESSLY WITH THE NSLT’S LEGAL TECHNOLOGY CERTIFICATE PROGRAM. The National Society for Legal Technology (NSLT)'s program requires no downloading or installing live software programs, which removes significant hassle and potential problems. This enables you, the instructor, to focus on teaching legal technology rather than focusing on IT issues. The NSLT’s program lets you select from more than 23 software programs, all taught using web-browser-based software simulations.
  • ETHICAL QUESTIONS EXPLORE TECHNOLOGY-RELATED ETHICAL DILEMMAS IN LAW TODAY. Each chapter explores some of today's most pressing ethical issues involving the use of computers and software in the contemporary law office. The latest content on ethics helps prepare readers to navigate potentially challenging professional situations and decisions.

Table of Contents

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1. Law and Technology Uses in the Legal Profession
2. Word Processing, Document Drafting, and Legal Formatting
3. Email Communication in the Law Office
4. Ethics & Professionalism
5. Electronic Spreadsheet Uses in the Legal Profession
6. Electronic Databases and Utility Programs in the Legal Profession
7. Office Management and Case Management Systems Used in the Legal Profession
8. Document Management Systems and Document Automation
9. Electronic Filing Process in the Courts
10. The Discovery Process and Litigation Technology
11. Ediscovery and the Electronic Discovery Reference Model
12. Using Technology to Make Legal Presentations
13. Courtroom Technology in Action
14. Legal Apps and the Access to Justice Movement

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Law Office Technology: A Theory-Based Approach

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