Century 21® Digital Information Management, Lessons 1-145,
10th Edition

Jack P. Hoggatt, Ed. D., Jon A. Shank, Ed. D., James R. Smith, Jr., Ed. D.

ISBN-13: 9781111571405 | ISBN-10: 1111571406

Copyright 2015

| Published 2014

| 640 pages

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Provide your students with the best in computer applications education from the proven leader--now stronger than ever! This new text, CENTURY 21 DIGITAL INFORMATION MANAGEMENT helps students prepare for a lifetime of computer success with innovative solutions updated to reflect today's business challenges. Students tap into the latest technology, learn to master computer applications using Microsoft Office, and increase communication skills with relevant activities throughout. Trust the leader who has taught more than 85 million people to type--bringing 100 years of publishing experience and a century of innovations together in a complete line of computer training solutions.

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Meet the Authors

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Dr. Jack P. Hoggatt is Department Chair of the Department of Business Communications at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. He has taught courses in Business Writing, Advanced Business Communications, and the communication component of the university's Master in Business Administration (MBA) program. Dr. Hoggatt has held offices in professional organizations and has received the Outstanding Post-Secondary Business Educator Award in Wisconsin. He has served as an advisor to local and state business organizations. Dr Hoggatt is involved with his community and the school activities of his children.

Dr. Jon Shank is a retired Professor of Education (Emeritus) at Robert Morris University in Moon Township, Pennsylvania. Dr. Shank served as Dean, School of Applied Sciences and Education for more than 20 years before returning to the classroom. He taught keyboarding and word processing methods to undergraduate and graduate students seeking business education certification. Over the years, he has served in numerous leadership positions in business education professional associations, as a consultant to many school districts, and on many advisory committees for school districts and the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Dr. James R. Smith, Jr. is a Teaching Assistant Professor in the Department of Curriculum, Instruction and Counselor Education. He has held the positions of a secondary business and marketing teacher, North Carolina State Consultant for Business and Information Technology, and a local school system Career and Technical Education Administrator. Currently, he is the undergraduate and graduate program coordinator for the Business and Marketing Education teacher education program at NC State University. There he has led the development of online graduate courses for the master's program in business and marketing education. Dr. Smith has held offices in professional organizations and has received the Outstanding Leadership Award from the National Association of Supervisors of Business Education and the Outstanding Career and Technical Educator from the North Carolina Career and Technical Education Association--Business Education Division. In 2005, he was inducted into the North Carolina Business and Information Technology Education Hall of Fame.

  • Assessment activities help place students at the right skill level.
  • New features for 21st Century Learning Skills and Digital Citizenship discuss topical themes throughout.
  • This is a new text that focuses on intermediate computer skills with skill building practice for keyboarding for a year-long course. The emphasis is on critical thinking to solve problems that students will have in the classroom, at home, and in the workplace.
  • New MicroType 6 with CheckPro with skill building, timed writings, document checking, video references, and more!
  • New end of unit projects for Academic and Career for Language Arts and Math; Career Clusters; Winning Edge; and School and Community to emphasize critical thinking.
  • Document formats and screen captures support the defaults and enhanced features of Microsoft Office 2013 to provide a smooth transition into the new software.
  • Reference Guides offer ongoing reference tools for use well beyond the course.
  • Communication Emphasis: Increased emphasis on communication enables students to refine this critical business skill.
  • Coverage of the Latest Technology: intermediate database, electronic presentations, spreadsheets, and advanced word processing, Web sites, preparing students to excel in today's business environment.
  • Units are organized to cover topics about 21st Century skills to help students achieve success in the workplace.

Table of Contents

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1. Computer Concepts L1-6.
Assessing Basic Word Processing Skills.
2. Communicating Clearly L7-14 (WP).
Assessing Basic Spreadsheet Skills.
3. Analyzing Table Information L15-19 (WP).
4. Making Economic Choices L20-26 (SP).
Assessing Basic Database Skills.
5. Data Mining and Analyzing Records L27-32 (DB).
Assessing Basic Presentation Skills.
6. Building Effective Presentations L33-38 (PP).
Skill Builder 1.
7. Real-World Applications I L39-43 (WP, SP, DB, PP).
8. Creating Effective Reports L44-50 (WP).
9. Using Design to Enhance Communication L51-55 (WP).
10. Managing Communications and Schedules L56-61 (OL).
11. Creating Web Sites L62-66 (WEB and WP).
12. Becoming a Successful Digital Citizen (WP, SP, DB, PP).
13. Real-World Applications II L72-76 (WP, SP, DB, PP).
Skill Builder 2.
14. Assessing Essential Information Management Skills L77-80 (WP, SP, DB, PP).
15. Manage Written Communication L81-86 (WP).
16. Preparing and Analyzing Financial Documents L87-93 (SP).
17. Creating and Understanding Publications L94-100 (WP).
18. Analyzing Information Efficiently and Effectively L101-106 (DB).
Skill Builder 3.
19. Real World Applications III L107-111 (WP, SP, DB, PP).
20. Becoming an Entrepreneur L112-117 (WP, SP, DB, PP).
21. Enhancing Visuals to Communicate Effectively L120-122 (PP, MM).
22. More with Web Pages L123-127.
23. Understanding Our World L128-132 (WP, SP, DB, PP).
24. Preparing for the Workplace L133-138 (WP, SP, DB, PP).
25. Being an Effective Employee L139-141 (WP, SP, DB, PP).
26. Real-World Applications IV L142-146 (WP, SP, DB, PP).
Skill Builder 4.
27. Assessing Intermediate Information Management Skills L147-150 (WP, SP, DB, PP).
Appendix A: Timed Writings.
Appendix B: Reference Guide.

Cengage provides a range of supplements that are updated in coordination with the main title selection. For more information about these supplements, contact your Learning Consultant.

Sampler for Century 21 CSA and DIM

Sampler for Century 21 CSA and DIM

PC Keyboard Wall Poster for Hoggatt/Shank/Smith's Century 21™ Digital Information Management, Lessons 1-150, 10th

This attractive chart shows a generic keyboard for the PC and indicates all main keys, along with function keys and some special keys.

Adoption Box for Hoggatt/Shank/Smith's Century 21™ Digital Information Management, Lessons 1-145, 10th

Adoption Box, Lessons 1-145

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Century 21® Digital Information Management, Lessons 1-145

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