Advertising Campaign Strategy: A Guide to Marketing Communication Plans,
5th Edition

Donald Parente, Kirsten Strausbaugh-Hutchinson

ISBN-13: 9781133434801 | ISBN-10: 1133434800

Copyright 2015

| Published 2014

| 432 pages

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How do you orchestrate the next great advertising campaign? Find out with ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN STRATEGY: A GUIDE TO MARKETING COMMUNICATION PLANS. Inside you'll see step-by-step how to take a great idea through the complete advertising process. And because it's focused on campaigns, ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN STRATEGY: A GUIDE TO MARKETING COMMUNICATION PLANS is loaded with the tips you'll need to succeed in the class now and get your project chosen in the future.

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Meet the Authors

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Don Parente is a retired Professor of Advertising from Middle Tennessee State University.

Kirsten Strausbaugh is Professor of Advertising at the University of Georgia. She received her PhD at the University of Florida. Dr. Strausbaugh teaches Advertising Message Strategy, Advanced Portfolio, Graphic Communication, and Advertising Campaigns. She serves as faculty advisor to the UGA AdClub, the student-run ad agency Hooper Sanford Baldwin Thomas, and the design house Studio120. Her instructional activities, in conjunction with these student-run organizations, are designed to promote advertising as a major and to provide students with exposure to professionals and issues in the field. Additionally, she coordinates and serves as faculty escort for the AdClub's annual New York Agency Tour.

  • Written with the new consumer mindset and new media landscape in mind.
  • Updated campaign references and ad examples throughout.
  • Updated data throughout- MRI, consumer demographics/psychographics, etc.
  • Written to reflect the market's current interdisciplinary plan approach vs. previously an advertising plan with some IMC components offered as support.
  • Added play to the creative process throughout– including discussion of creative briefs, brainstorming, concepts, and creative executions– to a level that equals already existing research, strategy, and media detail.
  • Chapter 4 covers turning problems and opportunities into campaign objectives.
  • Chapter 5 discusses the development of campaign strategy.
  • Chapter 1 explores the mindset necessary to develop and execute a marketing communication campaign.
  • The chapters of this book are organized around a sequential campaign process which develops into a marketing communication plan.
  • Chapters 2 and 3 examine the principles and tools to analyze the background information.

Table of Contents

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1. Advertising from a Marketing Communications Perspective.
2. The Research Foundation Part One: Understanding Clients and Buyers.
3. The Research Foundation Part Two: Market Product, and Competitive Analyses.
4. Appraising Opportunities and Setting Objectives.
5. Building the Marketing Communication Strategy.
6. Developing a Creative Strategy that Moves People.
7. Integrated Communications.
8. Enhancing the Marketing Communication Mix.
9. Communication Planning: Media Strategy and Tactics.
10. Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Campaign.
11. Preparing the Plans Book.
12. Preparing a Winning Presentation.

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