Consumer Behavior,
2nd Edition

Frank Kardes, Maria Cronley, Thomas Cline

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| Published 2014

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This wide-ranging yet focused text provides an informative introduction to consumer behavior supported by in-depth, scientifically grounded coverage of key principles and applications. CONSUMER BEHAVIOR, Second Edition, devotes ample attention to "classic" consumer behavior topics, including consumer information processing, consumer decision making, persuasion, social media and the role of culture and society on consumer behavior. In addition, this innovative text explores important current topics and trends relevant to modern consumer behavior, such as international and ethical perspectives, an examination of contemporary media, and a discussion of online tactics and branding strategies. This versatile text strikes an ideal balance among theoretical concepts, cutting-edge research findings, and applied real-world examples that illustrate how successful businesses apply consumer behavior to develop better products and services, market them more effectively, and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. With its strong consumer-focused, strategy-oriented approach, CONSUMER BEHAVIOR, Second Edition, will serve you well in the classroom and help you develop the knowledge and skills to succeed in the dynamic world of modern business.

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Meet the Authors

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Frank R. Kardes is the Donald E. Weston Professor of Marketing at the College of Business at the University of Cincinnati. He is a recipient of the Distinguished Scientific Achievement Award of the Society for Consumer Psychology, and a Fellow of the American Psychological Association, the American Psychological Society, the Society for Consumer Psychology, the Society for Experimental Social Psychology, and the Society for Personality and Social Psychology. His research focuses on omission neglect, consumer judgment and inference processes, persuasion and advertising, and consumer and managerial decision making. He has published in many leading scientific journals and is frequently invited to present his research at leading universities throughout the world—including Wharton, Yale, Cornell, Chicago, Northwestern, Michigan, the Australian Graduate School of Management, the London Business School, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and INSEAD (France). Dr. Kardes was an Editor of the Journal of Consumer Psychology, Advances in Consumer Research, and the Handbook of Consumer Psychology, and was an Associate Editor of the Journal of Consumer Research and the Journal of Consumer Psychology. He is currently Co-Editor of Marketing Letters.

Maria Cronley is a professor of marketing in the Farmer School of Business at Miami University. Dr. Cronley joined Miami 2002 and teaches classes in consumer behavior, developing consumer insights, and customer acquisition. She received a B.S. in business from Bowling Green State University, and a Ph.D. in marketing, with a secondary specialization in social psychology, from the University of Cincinnati. Her primary research interests center on consumer judgment and decision processes, with specific emphasis in the areas of inference and selective information processing, persuasion, and practices related to health services marketing. She sits on the Editorial Review Board for the Journal of Consumer Psychology, and has published numerous articles in scholarly journals, including the Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Consumer Psychology, Journal of Business Research, Advances in Consumer Research, Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied, and the Journal of Public Policy and Marketing. She has also won more than two dozen awards and grants for her scholarship and teaching, including the Endres Associate Fellows Award for research, the James Robeson Faculty Research Excellence Award, and the Outstanding Professor Award at Miami University.

Thomas W. Cline is Professor of Marketing in the Alex G. McKenna School at Saint Vincent College, where he teaches courses in consumer behavior, marketing research, advertising and promotion, strategic marketing, and statistical methods. He is a recipient of the International Teaching Excellence Award from the Association of College Business Schools and Programs. Dr. Cline has twenty years experience as a marketing research consultant, specializing in surveys, experimental designs, and focus groups. He earned a Ph.D. at the University of Cincinnati and an MBA from the University of Virginia. Dr. Cline has published numerous articles in academic journals, including the Journal of Advertising, Journal of Consumer Psychology, and Journal of Economic Psychology, Psychology and Marketing, and Journal of Marketing Communications. Dr. Cline is widely cited in the popular press, including USA Today, Psychology Today, CBS News, The LA Times, MSNBC, and The Washington Times. Dr. Cline also serves as head coach for the men’s and women’s golf teams for Saint Vincent College, hosted at Arnold Palmer’s Latrobe Country Club in Latrobe, PA

  • New Chapter 15 - The Influence of Subculture, Family and Other Reference Groups - This chapter investigates the influence of important demographics and subcultures on consumer behavior. Specifically, population size and density, social class, and generational cohorts, such as Pre-depression, Depression, Baby-Boomer, Gen X, Gen Y, and Gen Z are examined. This chapter takes a look at ethnic and religious subcultures, including African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and Buddhist groups. Finally, the influence of households and household lifecycle on consumer decision making are explored.
  • New marketing metrics - This is a new section being added to selected chapters. These smaller cases will provide an applied business problem, with Excel data sets, that ties back to chapter content for students to explore. These problems will help illustrate various consumer research techniques by simple statistical analyses.
  • Reorganization of chapters and parts-Chapter flow has been improved just slightly, moving more brand-related macro-strategic perspectives up to the front of the book, followed by deeper dive into individual consumer information processing and decision-making. The last section comes full circle by focusing on social and external drivers of consumer behavior.
  • The second edition includes updated chapters summarizing the latest developments in consumer research – including new material on cognitive neuroscience, new persuasion techniques, new developments in behavioral decision theory, and many other important topics. Each of the text's four parts opens with an interview with a well-respected consumer researcher to stimulate student interest and introduce key topics in an engaging, conversational way.
  • CONSUMER BEHAVIOR, Second Edition, focuses on why and how consumers make specific decisions and behave in certain ways, exploring what captures their attention, motivates them, and retains their loyalty (turning mere "customers" into "fans" of an organization). In addition to thorough coverage of key consumer behavior principles, the text features unique managerial application sections related to relevant advertising, branding, social media content, marketing research, and marketing management decisions.
  • Every chapter includes innovative and appealing learning resources such as "Marketing in Action" features that illustrate consumer behavior concepts through stories of real companies, products, and situations; "Global Perspectives" segments that discuss applications of consumer behavior concepts in international contexts; and "Ethics" boxes to raise student awareness of ethical issues and stimulate classroom discussion.
  • The writing is scientifically grounded, authoritative, engaging, and concise. Numerous photographs, advertisements, and illustrations of products, package designs, and consumers in action help to bring chapter concepts to life and increase student interest and involvement in the material.
  • Social media - The second edition will include a dedicated chapter to social media and online consumer behavior. This chapter will include an overview of the overview of social media landscape from the consumer behavior perspective, how companies conduct consumer research in this unique environment, and how companies are leveraging marketing techniques suited to this domain. In addition, numerous examples drawn from social media are included throughout the textbook.

Table of Contents

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1. Understanding Consumer Behavior and Consumer Research.
2. Consumer Focused Strategy: Segmentation and Positioning.
3. Branding Strategy and Consumer Behavior.
4. Consumer Perception.
5. Learning and Memory.
6. Automatic Information Processing.
7. Motivation and Emotion.
8. Attitude and Judgment Formation and Change.
9. The Consumer Decision Making Process.
10. Product Consideration, Evaluation, and Choice.
11. Behavioral Decision Theory.
12. Self-Concept and Personality.
13. Social Influence and Behavioral Compliance.
14. The Influence of Culture and Values.
15. The Influence of Demography.
16. Contemporary Strategies in Reaching Consumers.
17. Engaging Consumers Through Online Marketing.
18. Biases in Managerial Decision Making.
19. Strategies for Improving Managerial Decision Making.

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