4th Edition

James L. Burrow, Aubrey R. Fowler III

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| Published 2015

| 736 pages

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MARKETING 4E introduces you to the foundations and functions needed to successfully market goods, services and ideas to consumers. While you study business foundations, economics, selling, human relations, communications, logistics, promotion, product planning, and pricing, you will also see marketing as a career choice from a "big picture" perspective. Because most marketing programs have active DECA memberships, there is a strong correlation of content to DECA's performance indicators.

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Meet the Authors

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James L. Burrow, Ph.D., has a background in marketing and human resource development. He works regularly with the business community and other organizations as a consultant on marketing and performance improvement strategies including the use of the Internet as an education and training resource. He recently retired from the faculty of North Carolina State University, where he served as the coordinator of the graduate Training and Development Program for over fifteen years. Dr. Burrow received degrees from the University of Northern Iowa and the University of Nebraska in marketing and marketing education.

Aubrey R. Fowler III, PhD, has a background in marketing, advertising, and consumer culture research. He is currently the department head of Marketing & International Business at Valdosta State University's Langdale College of Business Administration. He also works with a number of regional advertising agencies in an effort to improve student education and career advancement. Dr. Fowler holds two degrees in English from Youngstown State University in Ohio, an MBA from the University of Southern Mississippi, and a PhD from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.

  • This edition moves teachers and students to the digital solution MindTap.
  • A brand new chapter on social media helps students understand the impact of this powerful channel of communication for effective marketing.
  • This edition incorporates the course competencies for the upcoming state adoptions as well as those defined by NBEA's National Standards for Business Education, National Marketing Education Core Competencies, TEKS, and Career Cluster Standards for Marketing.
  • 21st Century Skills is a full-page feature that introduces basic skills such as personal and professional image, communicating with charts and graphs, being an effective listener, evaluating information sources, and designing promotional displays, helping students develop the necessary skills in today's working environment.
  • @mktgfastfacts is a new short margin feature that will include live Twitter feeds about thought-provoking business facts and statistics adding interest to the topic being covered.
  • Marketing Communication addresses the Common Core Standards for English/Language Arts.
  • Prepare for Performance, found in the beginning of each chapter, lists DECA Performance Indicators−core performance indicators and supporting performance indicators−applicable to the chapter content, helping students prepare for competitive events.
  • Planning a Career in . . . provides information about a career tied to one of the 16 career clusters, including a brief description of the career, employment outlook, job titles, skills needed, and a short scenario about what it's like to work in this career. Each ends with a "What About You?" question encouraging students to begin thinking about a career choice.
  • Math in Marketing addresses the Common core Practice Standards for Mathematics.
  • Visual Focus features an actual advertisement with a brief description, explanation of the chapter connection, and focus questions that help students tie chapter content to the real world.
  • Working in Teams is a short margin feature with activities that focus on marketing and promote teamwork.
  • Each lesson begins with an Essential Question that prompts students to think about the material ahead and provides teachers with "bell-ringer" discussion topics.

Table of Contents

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1. Marketing Today and Tomorrow.
2. Socially Responsible Marketing.
3. Marketing Begins with Economics.
4. The Basics of Marketing.
5. Marketing Information and Research.
6. Marketing Starts with Customers.
7. Competition Is Everywhere.
8. Social Media and E-Commerce.
9. Develop a Marketing Strategy and Marketing Plan.
10. Develop Successful Products.
11. Services Need Marketing.
12. Business-to-Business Marketing.
13. Distribution.
14. Determine the Best Price.
15. Promotion.
16. Advertising.
17. Selling.
18. Marketing in a Global Economy.
19. Manage Risk.
20. Finance Marketing Activities.
21. Entrepreneurship and Marketing.
22. Take Control with Management.
23. Plan a Future in Marketing.

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