Small Animal Care and Management,
4th Edition

Dean M. Warren

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| Published 2015

| 656 pages

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Reader-friendly and engaging, SMALL ANIMAL CARE AND MANAGEMENT, Fourth Edition, offers a comprehensive guide to the care and husbandry of small animals. Through a logical flow of information, it introduces you to the basics of the small animal industry, including the history, safety concerns and care and welfare of these animals before diving into the specifics of each, with chapters covering dogs, cats, reptiles, birds, fish and exotic species. Full-color photos and illustrations visually depict various breeds and their characteristics, anatomy, handling techniques, housing and other care concerns to facilitate learning, while activities and additional resources offer the opportunity for application and further study.

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Meet the Authors

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Dean M. Warren taught vocational agriculture at Columbia City High School in Columbia City, Indiana, for 30 years. He received numerous awards during his three-decade teaching career, including the IVATA Outstanding Young Member Award for 1994-95, the 1987 Indiana State Agriscience Teacher of the Year award, and the 1991 Outstanding Indiana Vocational Agriculture Teacher of the Year award. Mr. Warren is a member of the Indiana Retired Teachers Association and a life member of the National Association of Agriculture Educators, the Indiana IVATA/IAAE, the Indiana Association for Career and Technical Education, and the Purdue University Alumni Association. He has received the Honorary State FFA Degree and the Honorary American FFA Degree. Mr. Warren holds bachelor of science in agriculture and master of science in education degrees from Purdue University.

  • "Fast Facts" in species-specific chapters summarize important characteristics of each animal and provide a helpful review tool for students.
  • Reflects current statistics, provided by leading experts and organizations, to validate learning and make certain that students remain well-versed in the latest information from the industry.
  • Thoroughly revised chapter on careers promotes success with professional advice on seeking and obtaining a position, as well as building a career in the industry.
  • New information related to each species, reflecting the latest knowledge available on breeds, diseases and ailments, grooming, housing and equipment, and reproduction.
  • Species-specific chapters are regoranized to present like animals in sequence, while a fresh design and new photos and illustrations offer supporting visual instruction to promote learning.
  • Fully supported by robust teaching and learning materials, the fourth edition includes a secure Instructor Companion site containing Lesson Plans, PowerPoint® Presentations, Testbanks powered by Cognero,and an Image Gallery, a student workbook, and a CourseMate featuring the ebook, a variety of interactivities, quizzing and more!
  • Chapter features, including "Fast Facts", questions, activities and additional resources, enables students to validate and apply what they have learned, as well as an offer an opportunity for further study of specific areas of interest.
  • Practical information and advice, including a chapter on careers, promotes student interest and success within a specialized field of study.
  • Reader-friendly approach combined with a highly illustrative and engaging design facilitates learning for the student.
  • Current topics, including a chapter on Safety as well as one on Animal Rights and Animal Welfare highlight significant concerns within the small animal industry so that students remain informed.

Table of Contents

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1. Introduction to Small Animal Care.
2. Safety.
3. Small Animals and Pets.
4. Animal Rights and Animal Welfare.
5. Careers in Small Animal Care.
6. Nutrition and Digestive Systems.
7. Dogs.
8. Cats.
9. Rabbits.
10. Hamsters.
11. Gerbils.
12. Rats.
13. Mice.
14. Guinea Pigs.
15. Chinchillas.
16. Ferrets.
17. Hedgehogs.
18. Sugar Gliders.
19. Amphibians.
20. Reptiles.
21. Birds.
22. Fish.
Appendix A: Colleges of Veterinary Medicine.
Appendix B: Veterinary Technology Programs.
Appendix C: Recognized Veterinary Specialty Programs
Appendix D: Reported Cases of Lyme Disease.

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Instructor's Manual for Warren's Small Animal Care and Management, 4th

Instructor's Manual

Workbook for Warren's Small Animal Care and Management, 4th

The student workbook is designed to help studentsretain key chapter content. Included within this resource are multiple –type questions that enable students to evaluate their knowledge of chapter concepts, links to online resources, case studies and additional activities.

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