Words Count,
2nd Edition

Laraine E. Flemming

ISBN-13: 9781285436128 | ISBN-10: 1285436121

Copyright 2015

| Published 2014

| 192 pages

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WORDS COUNT teaches key vocabulary terms based on the premise that individuals learn best by seeing words repeatedly in different contexts-not through rote memorization. These vocabulary terms appear in increasing levels of difficulty throughout the text, and have been carefully selected to highlight essential words that college students will frequently encounter in their readings. Extensive practice opportunities appear in each chapter, in addition to end-of-unit tests.

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After receiving her B.S. at Southern Connecticut State University, where she was certified as a teacher of secondary reading, Laraine Flemming went on to earn an M.A. in English literature at Boston College and a Ph.D. in American literature at the State University of New York in Buffalo. During her career, Flemming has taught students from elementary to graduate school covering subjects as varied as reading and writing, American literature, time management, speed reading, and study skills. She began writing textbooks while working as Director of the Reading and Writing Center at Dean Junior College. In need of a reading textbook that had lots of exercises combined with genuinely thought-provoking readings, Flemming decided to write her own. You can contact Laraine Flemming by emailing her at laflemm@comcast.net or by visiting her website at www.laflemm.com.

  • Key features include a contextual approach to vocabulary building with each chapter introducing ten words that are linked by a common theme, self-tests to promote the context of new words, a list of idioms, a web question feature, and end-of-chapter brain teaser questions.

Table of Contents

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1. Setting the Stage for Vocabulary Building.
2. Character Comments.
3. More Character Comments.
4. Words for Thought.
5. Honorable and Dishonorable Mention.
6. Money Talk.
7. Timely Words.
8. More Timely Words.
9. Keeping Secrets.
10. Hiding Out.
11. Expressions of Approval and Disapproval.
12. Beginnings and Endings.
13. Crime and Punishment.
14. Lifelines.
15. On the Move.
16. Body Language.
17. Words on Words.
18. More Words on Words.
19. Together and Apart.
20. Getting Mad and Making Up.
21. Friends and Enemies.
22. Talking of Love and Marriage.
23. Words with a Story.
24. Speaking of Government.
25. Fiery Words.
26. The Language of Humor.
Mastery Tests.
Answer Key.

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