Cengage Advantage: A Creative Approach to Music Fundamentals (with Keyboard for Piano and Guitar),
11th Edition

William Duckworth

ISBN-13: 9781285446202 | ISBN-10: 1285446208

Copyright 2015

| Published 2014

| 352 pages

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A CREATIVE APPROACH TO MUSIC FUNDAMENTALS, Advantage Edition, 11th Edition is a reader-friendly, creative book that focuses on music fundamentals through written and aural exercises. In addition, the book strives to teach users how to create music through learning rhythm, melody, scales, intervals, and triads.

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An internationally known composer, acclaimed teacher of American music, and the founder of Postminimalism, William Duckworth has written more than 200 works, including the well-known Time Curve Preludes for piano. In addition to numerous teaching awards, Rolling Stone magazine called his teaching "hip, bright and innovative." Duckworth has been honored by the American Music Society as one of Six Master Teachers in America. Additionally, Cathedral, co-created with Nora Farrell and online since 1997, is one of the first interactive works of music and art on the Web. Duckworth's honors include the 2001 ASCAP-Deems Taylor Internet Award, the 2002 Award in Music from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts, and a 2007 Senior Fulbright Specialist Award that assigned him to the Queensland Conservatorium Research Centre in Brisbane, Australia, and resulted in iOrpheus, Duckworth and Farrell's 2-year unfolding of video podcasts, stage performances, and a public opera in the streets and promenades of Brisbane's South Bank Parklands.

  • Chapter 2, "The Keyboard," is new in this edition.
  • The connection between the eBook, the book's website, and text practice materials is strengthened via web cross-references integrated into the beginning of each chapter.
  • The text's Focus on Skills review exercises are now aligned with the online Focus on Fundamentals exercises, which are included in online Music Fundamentals in Action tutorials.
  • A CREATIVE APPROACH TO MUSIC FUNDAMENTALS, Advantage Edition, 11th Edition offers an Annotated Instructor's Edition with answers to all in-text exercises, as well as an introductory section of teaching tips and additional practice sheets, both with and without answers-all in one location for ease of instructor reference.
  • All pages are three-hole-punched and perforated to facilitate class handouts and assignments.
  • The text presents comprehensive and clear coverage of all major topics for fundamental music courses.
  • A variety of examples, exercises, and creative projects-which emphasize musical skills and concepts equally-are found in the text and online in CourseMate.
  • The book includes a variety of music from other cultures, demonstrating the universality of music and appealing to the contemporary student.
  • Musical selections from popular television programs, advertising, and films, as well as from the classical repertoire, add relevance and depth to the text, maximizing student interest.
  • The CourseMate learning environment includes Music Fundamentals in Action, an interactive online tutorial that provides students with diagnostic quizzing and personalized study plans. Music Fundamentals in Action also provides podcasts from author William Duckworth, as well as audio performances and several innovative notation areas that allow students to plot a musical passage and play it back.
  • Music in Action boxes give students the opportunity to create music while learning the fundamentals of rhythm, melody, scales, intervals, and triads in a creative framework.

Table of Contents

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1. The Basics of Music.
2. The Keyboard.
3. Rhythm I: Simple Meter.
4. Rhythm II: Compound Meter.
5. Pitch.
6. Major Scales.
7. Major Key Signatures.
8. Intervals.
9. Minor Key Signatures.
10. Minor Scales.
11. Pentatonic and Blues Scales.
12. Triads.
13. Triads in a Musical Context.
14. Chord Progressions.
15. Writing a Song.
Subject Index.
Index to Musical Examples.

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