Theory and Treatment Planning in Family Therapy: A Competency-Based Approach,
1st Edition

Diane R. Gehart

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| Published 2015

| 480 pages

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THEORY AND TREATMENT PLANNING IN FAMILY THERAPY: A COMPETENCY-BASED APPROACH prepares readers for the realities of practicing therapy. This book's outcomes-based approach engages readers in an active learning process, introducing family therapy theories using theory-specific case conceptualization and treatment planning. These assignments empower readers to apply theoretical concepts and develop real-world skills as early as possible in their training. The author uses a down-to-earth style to explain concepts in clear and practical language. She also includes extensive discussions about how diversity issues and research inform contemporary practice of family therapy.

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Dr. Diane R. Gehart is a Professor in the Marriage, Family, and Therapy and Counseling Programs at California State University, Northridge. She has authored numerous books, including CASE DOCUMENTATION IN COUNSELING AND PSYCHOTHERAPY, THEORY AND TREATMENT PLANNING IN COUNSELING AND PSYCHOTHERAPY, MINDFULNESS AND ACCEPTANCE IN COUPLE AND FAMILY THERAPY, and MASTERING COMPETENCIES IN FAMILY THERAPY. She also co-edited COLLABORATIVE THERAPY: RELATIONSHIPS AND CONVERSATIONS THAT MAKE A DIFFERENCE, and has developed two systems for assessing student learning: THE COMPLETE MFT CORE COMPETENCY ASSESSMENT SYSTEM and THE COMPLETE COUNSELING ASSESSMENT SYSTEM. Dr. Gehart's areas of specialty include mindfulness, mental health recovery, postmodern and systemic therapies, sexual abuse treatment, gender issues, children and adolescents, client advocacy, qualitative research, and education in family therapy. She speaks internationally, having conducted workshops to professional and general audiences in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Mexico. Her work has been featured in newspapers, radio shows, and television worldwide. She is an associate faculty member at three international post-graduate training institutes: The Taos Institute, Houston Galveston Institute, and The Marburg Institute for Collaborative Studies in Germany. Additionally, she is an active leader in state and national professional organizations. She maintains a private practice in Agoura Hills, California, specializing in couples, families, trauma, life transitions, and difficult-to-treat cases.

  • Assessment of Student Learning for Accreditation: Instructors benefit from streamlined scoring rubrics for text-based assignments that can be used for accreditation by regional bodies as well as from specific rubrics for APA, CACREP, COAMFTE, and NASW accreditation.
  • Case Conceptualization and Treatment Plan Templates: Students are provided with templates (including Word templates) and case studies to learn how to apply theory in contemporary practice settings.
  • Available with the text, Cengage Learning's CourseMate (the book's website) brings course concepts to life with interactive learning, study, and exam preparation tools that support the printed textbook. CourseMate includes an integrated MindTap™ Reader, MindTap Reader, glossary, video with activities, flashcards, exercises, quizzing, and case studies. It also includes the Engagement Tracker online gradebook, a first-of-its-kind tool that helps instructors monitor student performance and progress. Contact your Learning Consultant to adopt today or view a demo at the Learning Solutions Center.
  • Comprehensive Diversity Sections: Each theoretical chapter includes a detailed discussion of how the theory has been used with clients from specific ethnic/racial groups as well as with LGBTQ clients. Specific groups covered include African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Hispanics/Latinos, Native Americans/First Nations/Aboriginals, gays, lesbians, and transgender clients.
  • Clinical Utility in Contemporary Contexts: Material is presented for use by clinicians in contemporary practice, including real-world guidance for conceptualizing treatment, developing client goals, and implementing in-session interventions.
  • Research and the Evidence-Base: The text introduces both sides of the evidence-base debate and includes thorough discussions of various forms of research related to specific theories. Two evidence-based treatments, emotionally focused therapy and functional family therapy, are covered in depth.

Table of Contents

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1. Competency and Theory in Family Therapy.
2. Research and Ethical Foundations of Family Therapy Theories.
3. Theory-Specific Case Conceptualization and Treatment Planning.
4. Philosophical Foundations of Family Therapy Theories.
5. MRI and Milan Systemic Therapies: Systemic Therapies Part I.
6. Strategic Therapy: Systemic Therapies Part II.
7. Structural Family Therapy.
8. Satir's Human Growth Model: Experiential Family Therapies Part I.
9. Symbolic-Experiential and Internal Family Systems: Experiential Family Therapies Part II.
10. Intergenerational and Psychoanalytic Family Therapies.
11. Cognitive-Behavioral and Mindfulness-Based Couple and Family Therapies.
12. Solution-Based Therapies.
13. Narrative Therapy: Postmodern Therapies Part I.
14. Collaborative Therapy and Reflecting Teams: Postmodern Therapies Part II.
15. Evidence-Based Treatments in Couple and Family Therapy.
16. Evidence-Based Group Treatments for Couples and Families.
17. Cross-Theoretical Case Conceptualization and Integration.
Appendix A.
Appendix B.

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