Gardner's Art through the Ages: Backpack Edition, Book B: The Middle Ages,
15th Edition

Fred S. Kleiner, Ph.D.

ISBN-13: 9781285837994 | ISBN-10: 1285837991

Copyright 2016

| Published 2015

| 272 pages

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The most widely read and respected history of art and architecture in the English language for over 85 years just got easier to carry. GARDNER'S ART THROUGH THE AGES: BACKPACK EDITION, BOOK B: THE MIDDLE AGES, 15e is part of a six-book set that provides you with a comprehensive, beautifully illustrated tour of the world's great artistic traditions. Easy to read and understand, the text provides a rich cultural backdrop for each of the covered periods and geographical locations and incorporates new artists and art forms--all reproduced according to the highest standards of clarity and color fidelity. The Fifteenth Edition includes new images, new boxed features, updated maps, new architectural videos, Google Earth coordinates for every artwork and site in the text, architectural reconstructions beautifully rendered by John Burge, and MindTap's personal learning experience.

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Meet the Authors

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Fred S. Kleiner, Ph.D. has been professor of art history and archeology at Boston University for four decades. He taught previously at University of Virginia and served as editor-in-chief of the American Journal of Archaeology. Acclaimed for inspiring lectures, Dr. Kleiner won Boston University's Metcalf Award for Excellence in Teaching, the College Prize for Undergraduate Advising in the Humanities, and the Distinguished Teaching Prize in the College of Arts and Sciences Honors Program. He is a fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London as well as the Text and Academic Authors Association. In addition to this title, Dr. Kleiner authored several editions of ART THROUGH THE AGES: A CONCISE HISTORY (Cengage), A HISTORY OF ROMAN ART (Cengage), and more than 100 publications on Greek and Roman art and architecture. Dr. Kleiner earned his Ph.D. from Columbia University.

  • NEW Instructor Resource: The Fifteenth Edition includes Google Earth coordinates for ALL sites and works discussed in the text to help you take your students on a virtual tour of art through the ages.
  • NEW Maps: All maps have been fully updated and revised for clarity and accuracy, helping students to make geographical connections between places and sites.
  • NEW Pedagogical Features: Insightful "Problems and Solutions" and "The Patron's Voice" text boxes add a further dimension to students' understanding of particular works and movements.
  • NEW Architecture Videos: Available on MindTap, these engaging videos offer a virtual tour of significant monuments and sites, giving students the feeling of "being there" as they learn more about interior and exterior features and details.
  • NEW Personal Learning Experience: The most widely read and respected art history text is now available on MindTap, a highly customizable multimedia teaching and learning platform. This fully online digital learning platform of authoritative Cengage Learning content, assignments, and services includes all the features and assets previously found on CourseMate--and much more! MindTap guides students through the course curriculum via an innovative Learning Path Navigator where they read assignments, annotate their readings, complete homework, and engage with quizzes and assessments. It also includes a variety of web-apps--known as "MindApps"--that further enhance the learning experience.
  • Exquisitely rendered by John Burge, full-color reconstructions give students three-dimensional views of important architectural sites, helping them visualize what it might have felt like to walk through these sites when they existed.
  • To meet our goal of providing you and your students with the highest-quality book possible, this new edition includes more than 200 new full-color or improved images for clarity and color-fidelity.
  • Fred Kleiner, a noted scholar, journal editor, and award-winning teacher, is the sole author of GARDNER. He ensures a coherence and clarity of presentation that no other text can match, making the 15th edition easier for students to read and understand than other texts.
  • Scales, not available in any other art history textbook, are placed next to images in the text to help students better visualize the size of each work. These innovative scales help students grasp the importance of scale which, like composition, color, line, and other terms used in describing an artwork, is critical in helping students see the artist's purpose. All photographs of paintings, statues, and other artwork (with the exception of architecture and a few other items) shown in this edition are accompanied by these scales.
  • The 15th edition includes the images that you want to teach. It thoroughly represents the art history canon and presents a breadth and depth of images unparalleled in other art texts.

Table of Contents

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Introduction: What is Art History?
8. Late Antiquity.
9. Byzantium.
10. The Islamic World.
11. Early Medieval Europe.
12. Romanesque Europe.
13. Gothic Europe.
14. Late Medieval Italy.

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