Criminal Justice in Action: The Core,
8th Edition

Larry K. Gaines, Roger LeRoy Miller

ISBN-13: 9781305261075 | ISBN-10: 1305261070

Copyright 2016

| Published 2015

| 528 pages

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With gripping photos, an engaging magazine-like format, and riveting examples straight from today's headlines, CRIMINAL JUSTICE IN ACTION: THE CORE, 8th puts readers in the center of the action. Providing just the right depth of coverage, this succinct book uses vivid cases and current events to demonstrate the core principles of the American justice system at work. Coverage of careers illustrates the many opportunities available to readers in today's criminal justice workplace environment.

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Meet the Authors

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Larry Gaines is chair of his department and a longtime, well-known figure in the field, both as an educator and in law enforcement.

Roger LeRoy Miller, Ph.D. has served on the faculty of several universities, including the University of Washington, Clemson University, and the University of Miami School of Law. As a professor, he has taught intellectual property law and entertainment law, among other subjects. A widely published and respected author, his work has appeared in the Insurance Counsel Journal, Defense Research, California Trial Lawyers Journal, Antitrust Bulletin, Wisconsin Law Review, and Connecticut Law Review. He has authored or co-authored numerous authoritative textbooks on law, including BUSINESS LAW: TEXT & CASES; BUSINESS LAW TODAY: TEXT & SUMMARIZED CASES; and THE LEGAL ENVIRONMENT TODAY. Professor Miller completed his studies at the University of California at Berkeley and University of Chicago.

  • "Discretion in Action" boxes showcase the many difficult decisions that criminal justice professionals must make every day. These scenarios put students in the position of a CJ professional, be it a police officer, judge, or probation officer. For example, "High Speed Force" (Ch. 5) puts students in the heat of a police car chase and asks them to determine the best (and safest) way to resolve the situation. "Spitting Mad" (Ch. 12) requires students to determine the proper level of force that a correctional officer should use against a violent state inmate.
  • New "Policy.cj" margin features highlight controversial policies in criminal justice--and promote critical thinking--by requiring students to do Internet research on a subject and then complete a short assignment based on the research. For example, students are asked to research hate crime legislation and give their opinion of this form of "penalty enhancement" legislation (Ch. 3). They are also asked to critique "no drop policies," which force prosecutors to press charges against domestic violence suspects even if the alleged victim of the violence refuses to cooperate (Ch. 7).
  • "CJ Controversy" writing assignments begin with a short summary of a controversial criminal justice topic, then provide students with several arguments from each side of the divide. Finally, students are asked to do additional online research on the topic and write two paragraphs articulating their opinion on a certain aspect of the controversy. For example, students write about racial profiling as it pertains to local police and immigration law (Ch. 6) and draft a new law to address growing concerns over the widespread use of solitary confinement in our nation's prisons (Ch. 11).
  • Succinct yet thorough, this concise 14-chapter text provides instructors with the class time they need to discuss the individual components of the criminal justice system as well as career opportunities for students.
  • Each question in the Instructor Approved Test Bank has been carefully reviewed by experienced criminal justice professors for quality, accuracy, and content coverage--meaning instructors can be certain they are working with an assessment and grading resource of the highest caliber.
  • Recognized for its captivating style and content, CRIMINAL JUSTICE IN ACTION: THE CORE delivers intriguing, up-to-the-minute stories and case studies. In addition, its reviewer-praised photo program offers riveting photographs that engage today's visually oriented students.
  • "Careers in Criminal Justice" boxes give students an up-close, realistic view of opportunities in today's market by profiling criminal justice professionals who offer first-person accounts of their jobs. These boxes--coupled with the Careers in Criminal Justice Website--help students understand the breadth of rewarding careers available in the criminal justice field.
  • To help students immediately connect with key concepts, each chapter opens with learning objectives that are matched to bulleted lists of key points in the end-of-chapter summaries. Learning objectives are also linked to corresponding questions in the Test Bank to provide maximum learning reinforcement.

Table of Contents

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1. Criminal Justice Today.
2. Measuring and Explaining Crime.
3. Inside Criminal Law.
4. Law Enforcement Today.
5. Problems and Solutions in Modern Policing.
6. Police and the Constitution--The Rules of Law Enforcement.
7. Courts and the Quest for Justice.
8. Pretrial Procedures and the Criminal Trial.
9. Punishment and Sentencing.
10. Probation and Intermediate Sanctions.
11. Prisons and Jails.
12. The Prison Experience and Prisoner Reentry.
13. The Juvenile Justice System.
14. Today's Challenges in Criminal Justice.

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