Welding: Principles and Applications,
8th Edition

Larry Jeffus

ISBN-13: 9781305494695 | ISBN-10: 1305494695

Copyright 2017

| Published 2016

| 976 pages

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This proven guide provides the knowledge and skills you need to complete AWS SENSE Level I and Level II programs, create Workmanship Qualification Specimens, and earn professional certification. Advancing rapidly from basic concepts and processes to today’s most complex, cutting-edge welding technologies and practices, this comprehensive text features valuable information on topics such as welding metallurgy, metal fabrication, weld testing and inspection, joint design, job costing, and environmental and conservation tips. The author opens each section by introducing you to the materials, equipment, setup procedures, and critical safety information you need to execute a specific process successfully, while subsequent chapters focus on individual welding tasks leading to SENSE certification. Now with MindTap for Welding, complete with simulation and up-to-date welding videos.

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Meet the Authors

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Larry Jeffus is a welder with over 55 years of experience, and he maintains his own well-equipped welding shop. In his career he has passed many welding certification tests in a wide variety of processes, positions, and material types and thicknesses. Jeffus has provided welding and professional consulting services locally, nationally, and internationally to major corporations, small businesses, government agencies, schools, colleges, and individuals. He is a Life Member of the American Welding Society. In addition, he has over 40 years of experience as a dedicated classroom teacher and is the author of several Cengage welding publications. Prior to retiring from teaching, Jeffus taught at Eastfield College, part of the Dallas County Community College District. Today he remains very active in the welding community, especially in the field of education. He serves on several welding program technical advisory committees and has visited high school, college, and technical campuses in more than 40 states and four foreign countries, providing one-on-one help and guidance to welding instructors and students. Jeffus was selected as Outstanding Post-Secondary Technical Educator in the State of Texas by the Texas Technical Society, and he served for 12 years as a board member on the Texas Workforce Investment Council in the Texas Governor's office. He also served as a member of the Apprenticeship Project Leadership Team, helping establish apprenticeship training programs for Texas, and he has made numerous trips to Washington lobbying for vocational and technical education.

  • The Eighth Edition features additional material on plasma arc cutting and gouging to reflect the growing prominence of these processes in the welding industry, as well as new information on FCAW and GMAW.
  • The author has added several new chapters dedicated to key areas of AWS SENSE Certification, including shielded metal arc welding, gas metal arc and flux cored arc welding, and gas tungsten arc welding plate and pipe.
  • Includes hundreds of new and updated photos and illustrations in this already visual material, with an emphasis on close-up views of various welds to engage students and help master essential welding processes with greater speed and confidence.
  • Explains current welding technologies and practices, as well as providing a solid foundation in key topics such as welding metallurgy, metal fabrication, weld testing and inspection, joint design, and job costing, enabling students to prepare for success as they enter the dynamic field of modern welding.
  • A robust study guide and lab manual to help students to gain hands-on welding practice, as well as PowerPoint® presentations containing all chapter art and additional graphics and photographs to illustrate important concepts.
  • Focus on welder certification based on the widely recognized Schools Excelling through National Skills Education (SENSE) Level I and Level II standards published by the American Welding Society.
  • Includes all of the material and information needed to certify your students using the low-cost, in-house, easily managed, globally recognized AWS SENSE Welder Certification Program.
  • Drawing on four decades of welding and teaching experience, the author provides a wealth of practical tips and real-world examples, including "success stories" that profile real-life welders, as well chapter-ending features that showcase real applications of key principles to maintain students’ interest and bridge the gap between theory and practice.

Table of Contents

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1. Introduction to Welding.
2. Safety in Welding.
3. Shielded Metal Arc Equipment, Setup, and Operation.
4. Shielded Metal Arc Welding of Plate.
5. Shielded Metal Arc Welding of Pipe.
6. Shielded Metal Arc Welding AWS SENSE Certification.
7. Flame Cutting.
8. Plasma Arc Cutting.
9. Related Cutting Processes.
10. Gas Metal Arc Welding Equipment, Setup, and Operation.
11. Gas Metal Arc Welding.
12. Flux Cored Arc Welding Equipment, Setup, and Operation.
13. Flux Cored Arc Welding.
14. Gas Metal Arc and Flux Cored Arc Welding of Pipe.
15. Gas Metal Arc and Flux Cored Arc Welding AWS SENSE Certification.
16. Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Equipment, Setup, and Operation.
17. Gas Tungsten Arc Welding of Plate.
18. Gas Tungsten Arc Welding of Pipe.
19. Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Plate and Pipe AWS SENSE Certification.
20. Shop Math and Weld Cost.
21. Reading Technical Drawings.
22. Welding Joint Design and Welding Symbols.
23. Fabricating Techniques and Practices.
24. Welding Codes and Standards.
25. Testing and Inspection.
26. Welding Metallurgy.
27. Weldability of Metals.
28. Filler Metal Selection.
29. Welding Automation and Robotics.
30. Other Welding Processes.
31. Oxyfuel Welding and Cutting Equipment, Setup, and Operation.
31. Oxyacetylene Welding.
32. Brazing, Braze Welding, and Soldering.

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