New Perspectives HTML5 and CSS3: Introductory,
7th Edition

Patrick M. Carey

ISBN-13: 9781305578203 | ISBN-10: 1305578201

Copyright 2016

| Published 2015

| 536 pages

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New Perspectives on HTML and CSS 7th Edition delivers a hands-on approach to learning Web page design. In each tutorial, you’ll put into practice the concepts you have learned. Each tutorial includes a basic statement of the problem, the goals to be achieved, and a demonstration of how to complete the task, creating a fully functional website in the process. You will develop problem-solving skills which will help retain the material and apply what you’ve learned in a professional environment. Successful completion of the tutorial cases and case problems can act a springboard to develop your own portfolio to showcase your abilities in website design.

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Meet the Authors

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Patrick Carey received his M.S. in biostatistics from the University of Wisconsin, where he worked as a researcher designing and analyzing clinical studies. He co-authored his first textbook on using Excel as a statistical tool. Since that time, he has authored or co-authored more than 30 leading academic and trade texts for today's software industry.

  • Greatly expanded coverage of designing for mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.
  • Implementation of responsive design and the latest elements, attributes, and styles from HTML5 and CSS.
  • Focus on the importance of maintaining compatibility across browsers and browser versions.
  • New topics include: media queries, grid-based layouts and grid frameworks, CSS3 grid styles, CSS3 shadow styles, CSS3 gradient fills, CSS3 transformations and filters, flexboxes and flexible designs, working with developer tools, etc.
  • Visual Overview – a two-page spread at the start of each session – gives a preview of the topics and terms covered in the session and can be used as a study guide before quizzes and tests.
  • Key Steps highlight important steps to help you pay close attention to completing the step correctly and avoid time-consuming rework.
  • ProSkills Boxes tie HTML and CSS concepts and skills with career relevancy by providing guidance for using the technology in professional situations. ProSkills exercises integrate the technology skills students learn with one or more of today’s necessary professional skills, such as teamwork, written communication, verbal communication, problem solving and decision making.
  • Designed to foster your confidence, this text starts out with the basics and gradually helps you increase your knowledge and skill set by providing increasingly difficult tasks and exercises within each chapter.
  • Case scenarios are woven throughout each chapter, which help you understand how the concepts and skills in the text relate to the professional environment.

Table of Contents

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1. Getting Started with HTML5.
2. Getting Started with CSS3.
3. Designing a Page Layout.
4. Graphic Design with CSS.
5. Designing for the Mobile Web.
Appendix A: Color Names, Color Values, and Character Codes.
Appendix B: HTML5 Elements and Attributes.
Appendix C: CSS3 Styles and Selectors.
Appendix D: Making the Web more Accessible.
Appendix E: Storyboarding a Website.
Appendix F: Validation with XHTML.

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