The Paperless Medical Office: Using Harris CareTracker, Spiralbound Version,
2nd Edition

Harris Care Tracker, Virginia Ferrari

ISBN-13: 9781337614191 | ISBN-10: 133761419x

Copyright 2019

| Published 2018

| 688 pages

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Why lecture when you can empower? This reader-friendly text walks users through the Harris CareTracker system, a fully integrated, CCHIT® and ONC-ATCB certified Practice Management and Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution. Book chapters offer the context students need to get started, with coverage in key areas such as patient demographics, registration, appointment scheduling, EMR clinical duties, billing, and collections while online access to the live electronic medical record system emerges students in essential features, functions, and workflows. Case studies elevate confidence with even more perspective, challenging students to work through common problems in health care environments, understand the rapidly growing field, and even become expert users of the system. Far more than a book, THE PAPERLESS MEDICAL OFFICE: USING HARRIS CARETRACKER transcends your classroom to launch careers.

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Meet the Authors

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A leader in medical practice management and electronic health records management for more than fifteen years, Harris Care Tracker is a cloud-based, digital solution for professional health and medical offices.

Virginia Ferrari, BA, MHA, CEHRS is a faculty member at Solano Community College in the Career / Technical Education division, where she teaches medical front office, medical coding, and small business courses. In addition, she has been a contributing author for multiple Cengage / Delmar Learning textbooks, including the Seventh Edition of MEDICAL ASSISTING: ADMINISTRATIVE AND CLINICAL COMPETENCIES. Prior to joining Solano Community College, Ferrari served as the manager of extended services for one of the fastest-growing physicians networks in the San Francisco Bay area. In addition to overseeing the conversion and implementation of electronic medical records, she served on the Best Practice Committee, Customer Satisfaction Committee, Pilot Project for Risk Adjust Coding, and Team Up for Health, a national collaborative for Diabetes Self-Management Education. Ferrari holds dual undergraduate degrees in sociology and family and consumer studies from Central Washington University and a Master’s Degree in Health Administration from the University of Phoenix.

  • *NEW* Extra “Build Your Proficiency” features motivate those who want to boost job prospects by becoming expert EMR users. 
  • *NEW* New, easy-to-understand videos give readers a helping hand when then need more on EMR basics.
  • *NEW* A new “Best Practices Guide” lets you share expert tips for working with Harris CareTracker’s Practice Management (PM) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) features—and help readers build their own expertise faster. 
  • *NEW* Reorganized modules--Get Started, Administrative Skills, Clinical Skills, Financial Skills, and Apply Your Skills--make it easier for students to stay on track and get down to business.
  • *NEW* “Real World Connections” case studies showcase common challenges in clinical operations, and help students tackle situations with confidence.
  • *NEW* “Quick Start Guides” at the beginning of every module allow you to jump into the content wherever it makes the most sense in your course.
  • The second edition of THE PAPERLESS MEDICAL OFFICE: USING HARRIS CARETRACKER accomplishes what textbooks alone can’t. Combining a reader-friendly book with hands-on work in the live Harris CareTracker tool helps students master the system’s features and functions, as well as the billing, scheduling, record keeping, and other critical tasks of practice management. 
  • Step-by-step activities guide students through complete front-office and back-office functions in Harris CareTracker PM and EMR, along with full-color screenshots of key steps, for a panoramic perspective of today’s medical office."Spotlight” boxes distinguish between key administrative, clinical, and legal subjects throughout the text while helping readers distinguish themselves in the workplace. 
  • Wide-ranging coverage prepares students for administrative, clinical, and billing and coding activities in private practices, hospitals, health networks, and Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) environments.
  • “Alert” boxes in every chapter show students the must-know details of a topic whenever they work on related activities in Harris CareTracker PM and EMR. 
  • Critical thinking features motivate students to think through, solve, and act on the important issues most likely to arise at work while building comfort with independent problem-solving. 
  • Case studies challenge students to do the job they’re training for without the safety net of step-by-step instructions. Success with these activities builds confidence and momentum, and shows students their true progress and potential.
  • Student-centered features include engaging activities, time-saving tips, annotated screenshots, supplemental videos, and chapter review questions that add meaning to concepts and compel students to invest in their own progress. 
  • “Tips” boxes offer steps for accelerating and streamlining learning in the Harris CareTracker PM and EMR online programs. 

Table of Contents

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1. Introduction to the Paperless Medical Office.
2. Introduction to Harris CareTracker PM and EMR.
3. Patient Demographics and Registration.
4. Appointment Scheduling.
5. Preliminary Duties in the EMR.
6. Patient Work-Up.
7. Completing the Visit.
8. Other Clinical Documentation.
9. Billing.
10. Claims Manager and Collections.
11. Applied Learning for the Paperless Medical Office.

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The Paperless Medical Office for Billers and Coders

The Billers and Coders workbook helps you understand and remember important facts and information about financial activities performed within the electronic health record. Expanded activities give you extra practice with these challenging topics.

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Cengage Learning Testing, powered by Cognero®

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Student Workbook for Harris/Ferrari's The Paperless Medical Office: Using Harris CareTracker, 2nd

Student Workbook for The Paperless Medical Office: Using Harris CareTracker, 2nd

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