Century 21® Computer Skills and Applications, Lessons 1-88,
11th Edition

Jack P. Hoggatt, Ed. D., Jon A. Shank, Ed. D., James R. Smith, Jr., Ed. D.

ISBN-13: 9781337910309 | ISBN-10: 1337910309

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| Published 2018

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Provide your students with the best in keyboarding education from the proven keyboarding leader--now fully updated to Microsoft Office 365/2016. This latest edition of CENTURY 21 COMPUTER SKILLS AND APPLICATIONS helps students in middle school through high school prepare for a lifetime of keyboarding and computer success with innovative solutions updated to reflect today's business challenges. Century 21 pedagogy takes a cycle approach as students learn a foundation of basic skills and then revisit them multiple times to improve, enhance, and build business technology skills. Other online keyboarding software does not offer triple control guidelines for timed writings or content and practice with current technologies like voice-recognition software and working in the cloud, or allow students to work collaboratively or practice career-focused scenarios and digital citizenship skills. CENTURY 21 COMPUTER SKILLS AND APPLICATIONS prepares students to excel in today's business environment, and increase communication skills with relevant, step-by-step activities. Students learn to master computer applications using Microsoft Office 365/2016 for e-mail, database, electronic presentations, spreadsheets, and advanced word processing. Trust the leader who has taught more than 85 million people to type…bringing more than 100 years of publishing experience and a century of innovations together in a complete line of keyboarding solutions. NOW AVAILABLE WITH ONLINE KEYBOARDING IN SAM, students can read the full, interactive eBook, and practice well-known keying drills previously in MICROTYPE in an updated, ADA-compliant, online environment. Online Keyboarding in SAM offers auto-grading for keying drills and customizable weighting for timed writing assignments, so you can choose where you want your students to focus throughout you course, whether that be on GWAM, Accuracy Percentage, Number of Errors, or Speed.

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Meet the Authors

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Dr. Jack P. Hoggatt is Department Chair of the Department of Business Communications at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. He has taught courses in Business Writing, Advanced Business Communications, and the communication component of the university's Master in Business Administration (MBA) program. Dr. Hoggatt has held offices in professional organizations and has received the Outstanding Post-Secondary Business Educator Award in Wisconsin. He has served as an advisor to local and state business organizations. Dr Hoggatt is involved with his community and the school activities of his children.

Dr. Jon Shank is a retired Professor of Education (Emeritus) at Robert Morris University in Moon Township, Pennsylvania. Dr. Shank served as Dean, School of Applied Sciences and Education for more than 20 years before returning to the classroom. He taught keyboarding and word processing methods to undergraduate and graduate students seeking business education certification. Over the years, he has served in numerous leadership positions in business education professional associations, as a consultant to many school districts, and on many advisory committees for school districts and the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Dr. James R. Smith, Jr. is a Teaching Assistant Professor in the Department of Curriculum, Instruction and Counselor Education. He has held the positions of a secondary business and marketing teacher, North Carolina State Consultant for Business and Information Technology, and a local school system Career and Technical Education Administrator. Currently, he is the undergraduate and graduate program coordinator for the Business and Marketing Education teacher education program at NC State University. There he has led the development of online graduate courses for the master's program in business and marketing education. Dr. Smith has held offices in professional organizations and has received the Outstanding Leadership Award from the National Association of Supervisors of Business Education and the Outstanding Career and Technical Educator from the North Carolina Career and Technical Education Association--Business Education Division. In 2005, he was inducted into the North Carolina Business and Information Technology Education Hall of Fame.

  • *NEW* COMMUNICATION SKILLS activities boost student mastery of grammar, composition, speaking, and other key communication elements that are crucial for business.
  • *NEW* ONLINE KEYBOARDING IN SAM PROJECTS offer a similar solution to the long-loved CheckPro product, which automatically grades Microsoft Word documents for keying errors and formatting tasks.
  • *NEW* PLANNING FOR YOUR CAREER connects computing concepts with key skills needed to develop professionally, from preparing for an interview to creating a career portfolio.
  • *NEW* ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY SKILLS build on student knowledge and help them apply their understanding to more challenging topics.
  • *NEW* BASIC TECHNOLOGY SKILLS reinforce and improve student foundational understanding of computing concepts.
  • ONLINE KEYBOARDING IN SAM offers a modern, online environment for students to read their eBook, practice keying drills, timed writings, Word Processing and Microsoft Office 365/2016 skills with automatic grading and feedback.
  • WORD PROCESSING APPLICATIONS put software features into practice throughout each chapter, including model documents provided for letters, tables, reports, and special documents. Comprehensive assessments test student mastery of software applications.
  • DOCUMENT FORMAT GUIDES offer ongoing reference tools for use well beyond the course.
  • INTEGRATED PROJECTS test students’ application of textbook concepts to the real world. Students are “hired” in hypothetical businesses and are assigned a series of projects for those businesses.
  • SKILL-BUILDER ACTIVITY PAGES reinforce the most important skills for keyboarding success.
  • A UNIQUE CYCLE APPROACH reinforces keyboarding skills by breaking out instruction into two cycles. Students begin with a foundation in the basics, then revisit content to improve skills. Students return to content again to enhance their abilities. Finally, they learn to build upon the knowledge they have developed
  • FORMATIVE AND SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENTS: Checkpoints offer real-time opportunities for assessment and reflection, while Chapter Reviews test for mastery of concepts at the end of each chapter.

Table of Contents

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Cycle 1: Learn and Build Your Skills
Chapter 1 Mastering the Alphabetic Keys.
Chapter 2 Learning the Numeric Keypad.
Chapter 3 Accessing “Help” for Answers.
Chapter 4--Communicating and Scheduling at School and Work.
Chapter 5--Communicating Clearly with Letters.
Chapter 6--Creating Effective Reports.
Chapter 7--Organizing Information in Tables.
Chapter 8--Presenting with Electronic Presentations.
Chapter 9--Preparing Worksheets.
Chapter 10--Learning Database Basics.
Integrated Project: Newhouse Realty

Cycle 2: Enhance and Master Your Skills
Chapter 11--Managing Communications and Schedules.
Chapter 12--Managing Written Communication.
Chapter 13--Reporting with Style.
Chapter 14--Enhancing Information in Tables.
Integrated Project: Central Valley Education Foundation
Chapter 15 Communicating Effectively Through Enhanced Electronic Presentations.
Chapter 16 Preparing and Analyzing Financial Worksheets.
Chapter 17 Using Databases to Analyze Data Efficiently and Effectively.
Integrated Project: HPJ Communication Specialists

Appendix A: Numeric Keys and Numeric Keypad
Appendix B: Leadership Development.
Appendix C: Reference Guide.

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Century 21® Computer Skills and Applications, Lessons 1-88

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