Managerial Economics,
15th Edition

Mark Hirschey, Eric Bentzen, Carsten Scheibye

ISBN-13: 9781473758353 | ISBN-10: 1473758351

Copyright 2019

| Published 2019

| 832 pages

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Mark Hirschey is the Anderson W. Chandler Professor of Business at the University of Kansas, where he teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in managerial economics and finance. He also is president of the Association of Financial Economists and a member of several professional organizations. Professor Hirschey has published articles for such leading academic journals as the AMERICAN ECONOMIC REVIEW, REVIEW OF ECONOMICS AND STATISTICS, JOURNAL OF BUSINESS, JOURNAL OF BUSINESS AND ECONOMIC STATISTICS, JOURNAL OF FINANCE, JOURNAL OF FINANCIAL ECONOMICS, and JOURNAL OF INDUSTRIAL ECONOMICS. He also is the author of FUNDAMENTALS OF MANAGERIAL ECONOMICS AND INVESTMENTS: ANALYSIS & BEHAVIOR, the editor of ADVANCES IN FINANCIAL ECONOMICS, and past editor of MANAGERIAL AND DECISION ECONOMICS. He earned his PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Eric Bentzen, (Copenhagen Business School), is Associate Professor at Copenhagen Business School, where he teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in managerial economics and financial econometrics. He is a member of several professional organizations. He has published in Applied Financial Economics, European Journal of Finance, Management Decision, Financial Markets and Portfolio Management and other leading academic journals.

Carsten Scheibye is Assistant Professor at Copenhagen Business School, where he teaches undergraduate courses in Managerial Economics. He has significant experience in course coordination and management as well as within didactical and pedagogical development of the learning environment surrounding the field of Managerial Economics. In addition, he has received educational prizes for his teaching abilities. Among these are the Education Prize from the Danish Society of Business and Education.

  • Revised Managerial Application boxes provide up to date real-world examples of managerial economics in action.
  • Updated end of chapter questions and problems enable students to test their knowledge of the chapter concepts.
  • Data and references have been thoroughly updated.
  • Managerial Application boxes in each chapter show current examples of how the concepts introduced in managerial economics apply to real-world competitive strategies and business performance.
  • Practice questions at the end of each chapter demonstrate how economic tools and techniques can be used to solve practical business problems.
  • Each chapter is accompanied by a case study, which applies the economics concepts covered in the chapter.
  • Each chapter incorporates a wide variety of numerical examples and detailed practical illustrations, to help students to understand economic concepts and how they relate to business decisions.

Table of Contents

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Part I: Overview of Managerial Economics
1. Nature and Scope of Managerial Economics
2. Economic Optimization
3. Demand and Supply

Part II: Demand Analysis and Estimation
4. Demand Analysis
5. Demand Estimation
6. Forecasting

Part III: Production and Competitive Markets
7. Production Analysis and Compensation Policy
8. Cost Analysis and Estimation
9. Linear Programming
10. Competitive Markets
11. Performance and Strategy in Competitive Markets

Part IV: Imperfect Competition
12. Monopoly and Monopsony
13. Monopolistic Competition and Oligopoly
14. Game Theory and Competitive Strategy
15. Pricing Practices

Part V: Long-Term Investment Decisions
16. Risk Analysis
17. Capital Budgeting
18. Organization Structure and Corporate Governance
19. Government in the Market Economy

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Managerial Economics

  • ISBN-10: 1473758351
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