Leadership Communication: Connect. Engage. Inspire.,
1st Edition

Jovina Ang

ISBN-13: 9789814829724 | ISBN-10: 9814829722

Copyright 2019

| Published 2018

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The world’s great leaders all have great communication skills. You feel inspired when you listen to them or even read any of their messages. This book provides you with lots of frameworks and practical insights on what it takes to elevate your communication from connecting to engaging and inspiring. Jovina Ang shows you the art and science of communication including what makes communication inspiring, how to tell great stories, how to incorporate social media as a critical element of your communication strategy, and more. You’ll learn: • How to connect and inspire at the human level • The power of storytelling • Tips on how to make your presentation impactful • How to decode and master body language • How to be a social leader • How to define and elevate your personal brand • The science of team communication • How to write with the head and with the heart

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Dr. Jovina Ang is an expert in communication, women and leadership, and change management. Previously, Jovina was an award winning corporate executive who spent more than 20 years working for Microsoft, Dell and Cisco Systems where she transformed businesses, reinvented organizational culture, built world-class high performing teams, elevated employee engagement, championed diversity and inclusion programs, and enhanced brands and corporate reputation. Throughout her career, Jovina received multiple awards including the Women Leadership Award from CMO Asia and the Strategic Communication Management (SCM) award for Leader of the Year from Melcrum. She has also been invited to speak at worldwide conferences on the topics of communication, brand, and women and leadership.

  • Practical examples and cases of how different inspiring leaders in Asia and across the world have been able to take their communication to the next level with simple and defining communication initiatives.
  • Covers the comprehensive aspects of leadership communication from what makes a good communication plan to concepts, ideas, and processes that are involved in taking communication that is centered on “sending out stuff” to leadership communication that connects, engages, and inspires people.
  • Incorporates many proven and tried and tested cases and best practices from Asia and the world.

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1 Importance of Communication
Chapter 2 What Makes Communication Inspiring
Chapter 3 Storytelling
Chapter 4 Mastering Presentation Skills
Chapter 5 Non-Verbal Communication
Chapter 6 Social Media
Chapter 7 Personal Branding
Chapter 8 Team Communication
Chapter 9 Written Communication
Chapter 10 Banning Telecommuting at Yahoo! Case Study
Chapter 11 Communication at Microsoft Services Asia: Case Study

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  • ISBN-10: 9814829722
  • ISBN-13: 9789814829724

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