Understanding Teaching, Learning and Learners: A Guide for Singapore Teachers,
1st Edition

Liu Woon Chia, Caroline Koh, Doris Choy, Joanna Tay-Lim

ISBN-13: 9789814834179 | ISBN-10: 9814834173

Copyright 2019

| Published 2018

| 400 pages

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Under the Singapore Teaching Practice (STP), a model that documents the best practices of Singapore’s teaching profession, teaching is a dynamic combination of both knowledge and action. In STP, Pedagogical Processes (PP) articulates the processes of areas and actions in good teaching. Knowledge Bases, in turn, provide PP with a framework of conceptual and theoretical understanding such that they can be applied meaningfully in the classroom. This book seeks to provide its readers with key foundational knowledge in 2 STP knowledge bases, ‘Understanding Teaching’ and ‘Understanding Students and Learning’. Embedded fully in the education contexts of Singapore, it melds theory together with empirical insight drawn from local classroom-based research. Whether you are a local educator or an international researcher, you will find this a useful introduction to the Singaporean praxis of teaching. Each chapter is written by a local academic with research and practical background in the areas covered, ensuring a high degree of up-to-date relevance. Readers can expect to gain a comprehensive overview of theories and issues pertinent to teaching and learning in Singaporean classrooms today. Examples include classroom diversity, classroom management as well as aspects of motivation and development in Singaporean students.

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Meet the Authors

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Dr Liu Woon Chia is the Dean of Teacher Education at the National Institute of Education, Singapore. She is also Associate Professor in the Psychological Studies Academic Group and a founding member of NIE’s Motivation in Educational Research Laboratory. She is also a trained chemistry and mathematics teacher.

Dr Caroline Koh is Associate Professor and Head, the Psychological Studies Academic Group, National Institute of Education, Singapore. Her prime research focus is on motivation and learning, with a special interest in the use of the selfdetermination theory in guiding research and classroom practice. In addition, she has researched on areas as diverse as group project work, moral development and reasoning, national education, and the use of technology-enhanced pedagogies.

Dr Doris Choy is Associate Professor in the Learning Sciences and Technologies Academic Group, National Institute of Education, Singapore. Her research areas include ICT enabled learning, instructional design and technology, professional development for teachers, and adult learning. Prior to joining NTU, she was previously an Assistant Professor at the City University of New York.

Dr Joanna Tay-Lim is Lecturer at the National Institute of Education, Singapore. She conducts courses for both pre-and in-service school teachers. Prior to this, Dr Tay-Lim had taught in both early childhood and mainstream school settings. She has conducted research in classroom practices, school transitions, and inclusive education.

  • Theoretical content is accompanied by case studies and application points for practice.
  • Highly embedded in local education contexts and classroom based research.
  • Each chapter includes a concept map of key ideas, a list of reflection questions and research references to enhance practical engagement with the concepts.

Table of Contents

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List of figures and tables
'Understanding Teaching, Learning and Learners' is written for Singapore teachers taking a course at NIE.
Chapter 1 Understanding Teaching, Learning, and
Learners: A Guide for Singapore Teachers
Chapter 2 Managing Diversity in the Classroom
Chapter 3 Positive Relationships with Colleagues
Chapter 4 Setting Up A Physical and Psychosocial
Learning Environment
Chapter 5 Setting Rules and Routines and Developing
Incentives and Consequences
Chapter 6 Management of Whole-Class Teaching and
Small-Group Learning
Chapter 7 Understanding and Managing Behavior
Chapter 8 Supporting Students with Diverse Needs
Chapter 9 Contexts of Development
Chapter 10 Understanding Students’ Sense of Self:
Theory-Based Recommendations for Learning and
Teaching in the Singapore Context
Chapter 11 Moral Development in Students
Chapter 12 Social Cognition and Development
Chapter 13 Theories of Learning
Chapter 14 Executive Functioning, Learning-Related
Behaviors, and Academic Achievement
Chapter 15 Needs-Based Approaches to Student
Chapter 16 Achievement Goal Theory
Chapter 17 Role of Attribution in Learning
Chapter 18 Understanding Teaching, Learning and

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Understanding Teaching, Learning and Learners: A Guide for Singapore Teachers

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