The Governance of China (10 Volumes),
1st Edition


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| Published 2019

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Against the backdrop of a fluid domestic and external environment, Chinese President Xi Jinping has proposed a new set of concepts, ideas and strategies for governing the world’s most populous nation. The Governance of China is the insider’s analysis of Xi’s theory of statecraft, and how the undisputed leader of the Chinese Communist Party intends to manage China’s political, economic and social development. Using historical Chinese practice, and the experience of other nations, Xi has developed fundamental principles which will guide China’s developmental path in the decades to come. Rich in content, and deep in thought and logic, this 10-volume set covers themes such as socialism with Chinese characteristics, Marxian political economy, political thought, rule of law, social governance, ideological development, science, technology and education, green development, party governance, and diplomacy and foreign relations. Written for a global audience, these volumes combine Chinese spirit and global perspective, and explore how Xi intends to realize the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

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  • Covers various aspects of China’s political, economic and social development.
  • Written by Chinese experts familiar with current trends in the country.
  • Concise series that offers succinct insights in every volume.

Table of Contents

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Volume 1 Socialism with Chinese Characteristics
Volume 2 Marxian Political Economics
Volume 3 Political Thought
Volume 4 Rule of Law
Volume 5 Social Governance
Volume 6 Ideological Development
Volume 7 Science, Technology and Education
Volume 8 Green Development
Volume 9 Party Governance
Volume 10 Diplomacy and Foreign Relations

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The Governance of China (10 Volumes)

  • ISBN-10: 9814888737
  • ISBN-13: 9789814888738

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