Xi Jinping On Education,
1st Edition

Zhou Guangli

ISBN-13: 9789814915052 | ISBN-10: 981491505x

Copyright 2021

| Published 2021

| 192 pages

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Education has always occupied a central place in the cultural, political, and social life of the Chinese people from time immemorial. Since the 18th CPC National Congress in 2012, the Chinese government has been committed to reforming and modernizing China’s education system under the guidance of Xi Jinping’s expositions on education, seeking to build it into one of the best in the world. Xi Jinping on Education elaborates on the origins, key concepts, and significance of Xi Jinping Thought on education, with a focus on how it links education with the Chinese Dream of national rejuvenation, traditional Chinese culture, and the core socialist values. It analyzes the current status of and prominent issues facing China’s education across the spectrum of basic, higher, and vocational education, and outlines the path that the Thought has mapped out for improving educational quality and equity.

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ZHOU Guangli is a distinguished professor, doctoral supervisor, and executive director of the Research Center for Educational Assessment at Renmin University of China. His other appointments include vice president of the Research Association for Information and Data on China’s Higher Education Institutes, chairman of China’s Strategic Planning Committee for Higher Education Institutes, and executive member of the Chinese Society of Educational Development Strategy. His main research interests are higher education management and policy, and higher education development and assessment.

  • Contains important quotes from President Xi Jinping showing the origins and development of his educational philosophy
  • Outlines China’s education policies and regulations promulgated since the 18th CPC National Congress
  • Presents the achievements and challenges of China’s education development in the new era

Table of Contents

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Introduction The Essence of Xi Jinping Thought on Education
Chapter 1 The Origins and Development of Xi Jinping Thought
on Education
Chapter 2 The Mission and Goal of Education in the New Era
Chapter 3 The Path and Success Factors for Developing
Education in the New Era
Chapter 4 A New Philosophy for the Development of Basic
Chapter 5 The Reform and Development of Higher Education
Chapter 6 The Reform of Vocational Education
Chapter 7 The Significances and Contributions of Xi Jinping
Thought on Education

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Xi Jinping On Education

  • ISBN-10: 981491505x
  • ISBN-13: 9789814915052

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