Go! Chinese Textbook 6 (Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin/Pinyin), Second Edition,
2nd Edition


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| Published 2022

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Go! Chinese now comes with a second edition offering new and improved content! As a fully integrated Chinese language program, it is specially designed for students learning Chinese as a foreign language. Students will develop all four language skills across the three modes of communication (interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational) while gaining an appreciation of Chinese culture. They will also have opportunities to compare different cultures, make connections with other discipline areas, and extend their learning experiences to their homes and communities. Go! Chinese Textbook 6 offers 10 beautifully illustrated lessons focusing on topics relevant to the everyday life. Each lesson introduces basic vocabulary and simple sentence structures with emphasis on listening and speaking. Activities such as role play, interviews, games, pair work, and language exchanges are incorporated to allow students to communicate in meaningful contexts.

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  • New language tips and cultural notes.
  • New images and updated content.
  • A new companion site that offers interactive vocabulary flashcards, Chinese typing practices, reading practices, audio recordings of vocabulary, reading passages, and listening practices, as well as password-protected instructor resources such as instructor manual, listening practices, answer key, and audio files. Visit gochinesetc.cengageclt.com.

Table of Contents

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Table of Contents:
Lesson 1 Stories Behind Pictures 照片的故事
Lesson 2 My Idol 我的偶像
Lesson 3 Good Neighbors 好鄰居
Lesson 4 Having an Argument 吵架了
Lesson 5 Safety at School 校園安全
Lesson 6 Which Continent Are You From? 你從哪一洲來?
Lesson 7 At the Sale 拍賣會
Lesson 8 Fun with Chinese Characters 來玩中文字
Lesson 9 Festivals of Gratitude 感恩的節日
Lesson 10 Sunny’s Problem 以晴的煩惱
The 24 Chinese Solar Terms
Culture Link (Chinese)
Did You Know? (Chinese)
Vocabulary Index

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Go! Chinese Textbook 6 (Traditional Chinese with Zhuyin/Pinyin), Second Edition

  • ISBN-10: 9814985937
  • ISBN-13: 9789814985932

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